Mike Nelson

The Law of Attraction and Real Estate
by Mike Nelson

Real Estate Investing SuccessWholesaling involves having a lot of different qualities: You have to be savvy, and you have to be comfortable talking with other people; you have to know how to negotiate, and you have to be able to assess property value. But as someone who makes a comfortable living flipping properties, I've discovered what is inarguably the most important characteristic that any wholesaler can have: a positive attitude. Let me back up and explain:

Back in 2009, a frat brother of mine convinced me to see "The Secret," a movie I had never heard of and, frankly, had no interest in. It soon caught my attention, however, and throughout the course of the movie I realized that the main message of the movie was a life-changing one: "What is like unto itself is drawn." Basically, the movie told me that what you want to happen is what will happen, if you have a positive mindset and truly believe that you'll achieve what you want. This is more commonly known as the Law of Attraction - by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, one can bring about positive or negative results.

I was intrigued, and I began to try this theory out. At the start of 2007, I wanted to purchase a car. I knew exactly what type of car I wanted and I dreamed about it daily. I didn't stop at just daydreaming, however - over the course of the year I went to the dealership and actually sat in the car, testing out the mirrors and rubbing my hands on the interior. Eventually I took it out for a test-drive and experienced for myself how it felt to be behind the wheel. Every day I woke up and imagined myself in that car, and I took that feeling with me wherever I went. Finally - you guessed it - I bought the car and fulfilled my dream.

Applying The Law Of Attraction To Real Estate Investing

Believe it or not, the same technique I used with my car - the same technique that was revealed to me in "The Secret" - is completely applicable to real estate investing and wholesaling properties. Wholesaling is, at least at first, an intimidating profession. Playing with real estate can be risky, and dealing in large sums of money could make anyone nervous. It's easy to see why many wholesalers burn out after a while or are too intimidated by the job to even make much of a start at all. But that's exactly why the "Law of Attraction" is so crucial to wholesalers: Wholesaling isn't technically difficult, but it's almost impossible to succeed if you lack the confidence to talk to buyers, or you decide ahead of time that you're uncomfortable working with large sums of money. If you let yourself be intimidated by wholesaling, it's almost impossible to succeed.

Investing Success AttractionImagine a fat check in your hands that you've gotten from flipping your first property - how does it feel in your hands? What will you spend it on? Focus on this feeling and concentrate on it every single day. Imagine the confidence you'll feel closing your deal, and the satisfaction of a job well done. Eventually, after imagining yourself as a confident, successful person, you'll soon start to become the confident, successful person you've imagined yourself to be. Change your mindset and strive for greatness, and you'll achieve your goal, no matter what it is.

Mike Nelson
Mike Nelson, is originally from Philadelphia, PA. Mike "The Professor" Nelson has built his empire from the ground up, investing in real estate and teaching hundreds of others to make a living doing the same.

Since Mike's graduation from Virginia State University with a BS in Business Management, Mike Nelson worked full time in a Fortune 500 company before deciding to take a risk and go into business for himself. Armed with limited funds and his business partner, Darrin Smith, Mike slowly started experimenting in real estate wholesaling.

Fast-forward two years, a dozen mistakes, and hundreds of success stories later, Mike "The Professor" Nelson co-founded Smith & Nelson Properties, LLC, a company that manages real estate in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia tri-state area.

Mike Nelson has enjoyed such success from Smith & Nelson Properties; he now mentors other wholesalers and blogs about his experience on their Wholesaling Houses 101 site. "The Professor" also wrote and published a wholesaling guide in 2012. Mike Nelson currently lives and flips houses in Richmond, VA with his son.

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