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Frank Chen

Frank Chen has been involved with real estate for more than half his life, with a focus on buy and hold rental properties. Starting at the age of 15, while attending high school Frank got his first taste of real estate from his family business. Everything from fixing/rehabbing property, replacing water heaters, being a plumber, an electrician, installing sheetrock, has helped mold the foundation in which his business would be built on years later. Frank owns multiple rental properties of his own, and continues to help his family business. Frank Chen is also one of the managers at, and helps consult real estate experts all over the country connect their education and services to new budding investors.

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    • 11 Real Estate Investing Books Investors Should Read

      Reading Real Estate Investing books will make you a better Real Estate Investor. Here are my Top 11 Real Estate Investment Books you should put on your Need-To-Read List.1. Rich Dad Poor Dad (by: Robert Kyosaki)I believe this is a great book for the beginner investor because it has the capability of changing one’s thinking to influence one’s fortune. In this book, Mr. Kiyosaki depicts the lives of two types of parents, the hard working parent who lives in the everyday “rat race” (the book elaborates on the ‘rat race’ in detail), and the smart working parent who invests and…

    • REIClub Real Estate Investing Blog Gets 5 Stars

      REIClub is proud to announce that Daniel Duffield from Lender411 has given the REIClub Real Estate Investing Blog a perfect 5 out of 5 stars review. We thank Mr. Duffield for taking the time to review our real estate blog.Here’s a small excerpt from the review:”In terms of content, posts range from insightful market trend observations to incredibly advantageous real estate tips to user-friendly videos, each containing valuable information for any interested in real estate investment. For instance, in a recent video post, contributor Frank Chen thoroughly explains the process of filling out tenant lease agreements. One of many in…

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