Mike Banks

Mike Banks

Mike is a Real Estate Investor as well as COO of Fund&Grow. He specializes in helping Real Estate Investors get Business Credit Lines to fund their cash deals/rehabs and obtain capital to grow. Mike has played a key role in 1000s of clients’ ability to obtain funding, as well as bringing immense value to affiliate partners, some earning $450,000/year (3 years in row, proof/commission report is available) in commission, roughly $40k/month on average, via Webinar, YouTube and Podcast interviews. He also helps finance coaching programs in Seminar rooms. Before Fund&Grow, Mike studied psychology at PHSC while working as a manager for a Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical manufacturer where Standard Operating Procedures, Quality Assurance and Quality Control were second nature. Mike brought that same think over to his business by implementing Quality Control checkpoints and the recording/creating of SOPs for each department. With over 1000 Webinars, dozens of YouTube Interviews and Seminar presentations, Mike still provides QnA Coaching and educational trainings weekly and continues to create elite Joint Ventures and Partnerships with other the biggest players, primarily Real Estate Investing Experts, Software companies and Top Affiliate networks who want to help their clientele finance deals.

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    • Is Your Credit Score Influenced by Your Income?

      We often have clients asking us – does my income affect my credit score? I’m sure this is a question that has often crossed your mind as well. If I had to answer the question in one word, I would say no, your income doesn’t influence your credit score.Nevertheless, it does affect your ability to obtain credit – because a higher income means that you have more money available each month to repay your loans.Among other factors, two of the main things that lenders consider for loan approval purposes are your credit score and your income.Purpose of Credit ScoresCredit scores…

    • 5 Ways To Repair Your Credit Report & Stop Fraud

      Your Credit Score is very important. Not only does your credit score decide whether you’ll get the real estate loan you applied for or not; in many cases, it also determines the neighborhood you’ll live in, the car you’ll drive, and even the job you’ll qualify for! This is why it is so important for you to ensure that the information used to calculate your score is free from errors.You are entitled to a free credit report from each of the three credit reporting agencies (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion) once every 12 months.It is not uncommon to find individuals complaining…

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