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Bill Bronchick

Bill Bronchick Bio
William Bronchick, CEO of Legalwiz Publications, is a Nationally-known attorney, author, entrepreneur and speaker. Mr. Bronchick has been practicing law and real estate since 1990, having been involved in over 600 transactions. He has appeared as a guest on numerous radio and television talk shows including CNBC Power Lunch. He has been featured in Who's Who in American Business, Money Magazine, the Los Angeles Times and the Denver Business Journal. William Bronchick has served as President of the Colorado Association of Real Estate Investors since 1996.

Bill Bronchick Products (9)
CoursesHow to Create a Bulletproof Corporation
CoursesHow to Create Your Own LLC and Family Limited Partnership
CoursesStep by Step Guide to Land Trusts
CoursesUltimate Guide to Buy and Hold
CoursesUltimate Guide to Fix and Flip
CoursesUltimate Guide to Owner Financing
CoursesUltimate Guide to Wholesaling
SpecialsWealth Protection Library
CoursesWealth Protection Strategies

Bill Bronchick Articles (104)
Get Started in Real Estate10 Easy Tips for Finding Investment Properties
Selling Property, Sell House10 Inexpensive Ways to Spruce Up Your Rental or Rehab Property
Get Started in Real Estate60 Days To Your First Bargain Purchase
Investing in Real Estate7 Real Estate Contract Buyer Clauses Checklist
Asset Protection7 Reasons to Use a Land Trust
Short Sales, Foreclosures7 Ways To Buy Foreclosure Property
Get Started in Real Estate9 Goal Setting Tips For Real Estate Investors
Get Started in Real Estate9 Mistakes New Real Estate Investors Make
Short Sales, ForeclosuresA Review of the National Consumer Law Center
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Commercial Real EstateApartment Investing - Investors Now Is the Perfect Time!
Get Started in Real EstateAre Real Estate Seminars Worth the Money?
Get Started in Real EstateAre You a Newbie at a Real Estate Club?
Get Started in Real EstateAre You Clear On What is a Good Deal
Investing in Real EstateAre You Waiting on the Sidelines?
Investing in Real EstateBankruptcy, Foreclosure, & Credit - How it Affects You
Investing in Real EstateBankruptcy, Foreclosure, & Credit - Part II
Get Started in Real EstateBasics of the Real Estate Contract
Hard Money, FinancingBe a Smart Investor... Do the Math
Investing in Real EstateBig Brother Is Watching You, New (Bad) Legislation Coming Your Way
Flip House, Wholesaling Real EstateBubble, Schmubble - Flipping Works in Any Market
Investing in Real EstateBull vs. Bubble
Asset ProtectionBulletproof Your Wealth with Family Limited Partnerships and LLC's
Short Sales, ForeclosuresBuy A House - Get Thrown in Jail?
Short Sales, ForeclosuresBuying at the Foreclosure Auction
Landlord, Rental PropertyCollecting Money Owed by a Tenant
Asset ProtectionCommon Investor Legal Mistakes
Landlord, Rental PropertyCommon Sense Mortgage Tips
Short Sales, ForeclosuresContents of a Good Short Sale Package
Investing in Real EstateContract for Deed
Private Money, Private Money LendersCreate Monthly Cash Flow Without Any of Your Own Money or Credit
Real Estate AgentsDealing with Real Estate Agents
Income TaxesDealing with the Dealer Issue
Owner Financed, Seller FinancingDealing With the Due on Sale Clause - Part II
Flip House, Wholesaling Real EstateDo You Need a License to Flip Real Estate?
Investing in Real EstateEquity Sharing & Partnerships
Get Started in Real EstateEssential Contract Clauses
Investing in Real EstateEssential Contract Clauses II
Short Sales, ForeclosuresExplaining Foreclosure Options to the Homeowner
Investing in Real EstateFive Big Mistakes Newbies Make
Flip House, Wholesaling Real EstateFlipping Properties for Cash Profit
Flip House, Wholesaling Real EstateFlipping Versus Holding - Which is Better?
Asset ProtectionGet That Property Out of Your Name!
Get Started in Real EstateGetting Started as a Real Estate Entrepreneur
Investing in Real EstateHow Much Cash Should an Investor Keep in Reserve?
Investing in Real EstateHow to Create a Real Estate Cash Cow
Real Estate Comps, AppraisalsHow to Determine Property Values in Today's Market
Hard Money, FinancingHow to Get a Hard Money Loan
Real Estate ClosingsHow to Save Up to 90% on Title Insurance
Short Sales, ForeclosuresHUD Properties, FHA & Title Seasoning
Flip House, Wholesaling Real EstateIllegal Flipping and Lender Seasoning
Investing in Real EstateInvesting in a Changing Market
Investing in Real EstateInvesting Outside of Your Local Area
Commercial Real EstateInvesting Strategy - Master Lease Option for Apartments
Get Started in Real EstateKeep a Positive Perspective in a Negative Market
Investing in Real EstateKnow Your Real Estate Laws
Landlord, Rental PropertyLearn the Landlord-Tenant Rules!
Lease Purchase, Lease Options, Rent to OwnLease Option a Junker!
Lease Purchase, Lease Options, Rent to OwnLease Option Tips & Strategies
Lease Purchase, Lease Options, Rent to OwnLease/Option 101
Lease Purchase, Lease Options, Rent to OwnLease/Option vs. Contract for Deed
Lease Purchase, Lease Options, Rent to OwnLease/Options & the Equitable Interest
Hard Money, FinancingMortgage Broker vs. Mortgage Banker
Discounted NotesNon-Income Verification Loans
Owner Financed, Seller FinancingOwner Financing Mechanics
Asset ProtectionPersonal Property Trusts
Investing in Real EstateReal Estate Investing Financing 101
Investing in Real EstateReal Estate Investing is Just Like Weight Loss
Income TaxesReduce Taxes By Investing In Real Estate
Investing in Real EstateRisks of Buying Real Estate in Emerging Markets Out of State
Short Sales, ForeclosuresScripting Common Objections from Foreclosure Sellers
Get Started in Real EstateSetting Your Financial Goals
Flip House, Wholesaling Real EstateSeven Ways to Flip a Property
Short Sales, ForeclosuresShould the Government Bail Out People in Foreclosure?
Short Sales, ForeclosuresShould You Disclose on Short Sale Flips?
Investing in Real EstateShould You Do Real Estate Full-Time?
Investing in Real EstateShould You Use an Attorney's Fee Clause?
Subject To (Sub2) Real EstateTax Issues on a Subject 2 Deal
Tax Sales, Tax LiensTax Lien Investing 101
Investing in Real EstateTen Myths Preventing People from Succeeding in Real Estate Investing
Short Sales, ForeclosuresThe Basics of "Short Sales"
Investing in Real EstateThe Bona Fide Purchaser
Investing in Real EstateThe Ethical Real Estate Investor
Owner Financed, Seller FinancingThe Forgotten Owner Carry
Hard Money, FinancingThe Mortgage Elimination
Asset ProtectionThe New Limited Liability Company
Flip House, Wholesaling Real EstateThe Not-So-Handy Man's Guide to Fixing and Flipping Properties
Real Estate ClosingsThe Property Recording System
Asset ProtectionThe Role of Insurance in Asset Protection Planning
Get Started in Real EstateThe Wrong Way to Invest in Real Estate
Owner Financed, Seller FinancingThere is No Due on Sale Jail
Asset ProtectionTop Ten Ways to Get Sued - Guaranteed!
Hard Money, FinancingUnderstanding Loan Terms
Hard Money, FinancingUnderstanding The Mortgage Loan Market
Hard Money, FinancingUsing A Home Equity Line Of Credit To Buy Properties
Self-Directed IRA InvestingUsing a LLC IRA for Real Estate Investing
Advertising, Marketing Real EstateUsing Facebook as a Real Estate Investor
Asset ProtectionUsing Trusts for Personal & Business Privacy
Landlord, Rental PropertyWhat Every Landlord Should Know About Discrimination
Landlord, Rental PropertyWhat to Do if a Tenant Abandons the Property
Investing in Real EstateWhat You Need to Ask Before Joining a Coaching Program
Asset ProtectionWhere to Incorporate: The Answer May Surprise You!
Advertising, Marketing Real EstateYou Have to Sell a House to Get it Sold
Motivated SellersZero In On Motivated Sellers

Bill Bronchick Videos (30)
Flipping Properties, Wholesaling7 Critical Mistakes In Wholesaling Houses
General Real Estate7 Ways to Get Real Estate Offers Accepted
Getting Started9 Mistakes New Real Estate Investors Make
Owner Finance, Subject To (Sub2)Advantages of Subject To Investing Purchase Method
Subject To (Sub2)Buying Property Subject-To (Sub 2) 101
General Real EstateCash Reserves For Real Estate Investing
Commercial InvestingCommercial Master Lease Option Strategy
General Real EstateContract Assignment Clause Explained
General Real EstateDouble Closings in Real Estate Investing Explained
Foreclosures, Short SalesForeclosure Consulting Laws
Motivated SellersHandling Calls From Motivated Real Estate Sellers
General Real EstateHelp With Looking For Deals On Craigslist
General Real EstateHow to Analyze a Deal in 30 Seconds or Less
General Real EstateHow To Deal With Seller Objections To Your Offer
Bird DogHow To Find & Pay Bird Dog Scouts For Leads
Asset ProtectionHow to Get a Tax ID on the IRS Website
Real Estate AnalysisHow To Perform Quick and Dirty Apartment Investment Analysis
Lease OptionsLease Option & Contract for Deed Differences
Asset ProtectionLLC Tax Elections Analyzed For Investors
Owner Finance, Subject To (Sub2)Making a Buy Offer Using Owner or Seller Financing Terms
Advertising, MarketingMarketing To Find Wholesale Houses
Getting StartedMove the Ball Down the Field for Real Estate Investors
General Real EstatePurchase Contracts - Do You Have all the Proper Parties?
Real Estate AnalysisQuick Buying Formulas For Rental Property Analysis
Owner Finance, Subject To (Sub2)Seller Financing Dodd Frank Overview
General Real EstateShould You Notarize Your Own Real Estate Documents?
Subject To (Sub2)Subject To (Sub 2) Investing Explained in 5 mins
Flipping Properties, WholesalingThe Real Estate Wholesale Scam
Flipping Properties, WholesalingWhat is Lender Title Seasoning?
Flipping Properties, WholesalingWholesaling Properties 101

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