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John Behle

John Behle Bio
John D. Behle is one of the foremost educators and practitioners in the field of discounted paper investment. His innovative strategies and techniques have shaped the industry. With over two decades in the industry and an extensive background in real estate and finance, John adds a wealth of knowledge and experience to his creative money-making techniques.

John holds a National Council of Exchangors "Gold Card" and an EMS designation. He is also listed in Who's Who In Creative Real Estate. John Behle is the author of several hundred articles published in national magazines and newsletters and of several ground-breaking real estate paper books.

John Behle Articles (37)
Discounted Notes10 Ways to Make 10 Percent Safely
Discounted Notes110,000 Profit from a $75,000 Bad Note
Discounted Notes26% Yield with No Competition
Discounted Notes34 Ways to Improve a Note
Discounted Notes4 Ways To Structure A Partial
Discounted NotesA Free $350,000 House
Discounted NotesA Loanlord's Lament
Discounted NotesA Million A Month
Discounted NotesBe a Paper Pro
Discounted NotesCashing In On Your Competition
Discounted NotesClearing the Calculator Confusion
Discounted NotesCreative Due Diligence and Contingent Staged Funding
Discounted NotesDiscounted Paper vs. Hard Money Loans
Discounted NotesDiscounting as Easy as 1,2,3
Discounted NotesDon't Even Consider Bankruptcy
Hard Money, FinancingFinancing Paper
Discounted NotesFinding the Funding
Discounted NotesFrom Wraps To Riches
Discounted NotesFull Funding Options
Get Started in Real EstateGet Up and Start Running
Discounted NotesHow to Avoid Risk
Discounted NotesHow to Finance Paper
Discounted NotesHow To Pay Full Price And Profit
Discounted NotesIncreasing Your Yield
Discounted NotesLeveragectomies and other LTV solutions
Discounted NotesPaper Funding Pitfalls
Discounted NotesPaper... Your Most Valuable Tool
Discounted NotesRiches From Realtors
Owner Financed, Seller FinancingSeller Financing Do's and Don'ts
Discounted NotesShort Mortgages - Long Penalties
Discounted NotesTall Tails
Discounted NotesThe Best Things in Life Are Free
Discounted NotesThe Ugly Duckling
Investing in Real EstateThree Essential Ingredients
Discounted NotesThree Steps To Wealth
Discounted NotesThrow the Old Couple Out!
Discounted NotesUsing Paper as a Builder - 8 Powerful Tools

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