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Josh Cantwell

Josh Cantwell Bio
Josh Cantwell has been actively investing in real estate, partnering in hundreds of deals, since 2003. His meteoric success led him to share his real world knowledge with thousands as co-founder of Strategic Real Estate Coach. His unique business approach has allowed him to create work/life balance, allowing him time to focus on what's most important - his wife Lisa Marie and 6-month old daughter Giuliana.

A recognized short sale and business building expert, Josh has authored three widely popular, and highly downloaded ebooks: "The Short Sale Manifesto," The Short Sale Manifesto 2.0," and "The Referral Renaissance." He has also authored two courses: "The Short Sale Success Blueprint," and "The Short Sale Referral Magnet."

Through product launches, Josh has sold over 5,400 units of "The Short Sale Success Blueprint Manual" in less than four days over two launches. He also manages coaching programs with over 3000 students across the U.S., Canada, The UK and Australia.

Josh Cantwell is now sharing his secrets to create floods of new customers through product launches, with the very same model used to strategically grow Strategic Real Estate Coach.

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Josh Cantwell Videos (28)
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Josh Cantwell Freebies
"5-Step Process You Can COPY To Do Your 1st True BIG Profit Flip With Funding" - (116 Minutes)
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