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Sal Vannutini

Sal Vannutini Bio
Sal has successfully renovated real estate for both personal and investment purposes for over 10 years where he has bought, renovated and sold over 40 properties and build up a substantial portfolio.

His knowledge and expertise in renovating is based on the many lessons learned from his hands-on experiences; as well as his many years in the real estate industry where he has helped clients to do the same with his private workshops and mentoring.

His application of the "buy and renovate" strategy gave him the option to stop working full-time at the age of 35. At the time of writing Sal has just turned 40 and had retired from full-time employment. He now lives his "perfect" life and divides his time between his renovation projects, as a private mentor to his clients, as a public speaker, traveling the world and "hanging out" with his wife and children.

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