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Scott Meyers

Scott Meyers Bio
Scott Meyers, CSSM, is the nation's leading self storage educator. He travels the country revealing why self storage has become the hottest sector in commercial real estate over the past 30 years that virtually nobody has heard about. Practically every real estate investor and entrepreneur has uttered the words "I've always wondered about self storage, I've heard those things were cash cows". It was only after becoming a penniless millionaire in the single family and apartment business, and a near bankruptcy experience managing several hundred tenants and toilets that Scott asked himself that very same question.

Scott is the owner and President of Alcatraz Storage« which operates several self storage facilities in the Midwest. Scott is a Certified Self Storage Manager (CSSM) through the National Self Storage Association and is a Certified Apartment Manager (CAM) through The National Apartment Association. He has been a real estate investor since 1993, and was an instructor of the Landlord 101 course through the University of Indianapolis. Scott Meyers speaks to investor groups nationwide but mostly enjoys spending time at home with his wife and 3 young children in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Scott Meyers Products (1)
CoursesComplete Guide to Finding, Evaluating, and Purchasing Self Storage Facilities

Scott Meyers Articles (28)
Self Storage Investing2008 Self Storage Industry Outlook
Self Storage Investing3 Tips for Self Storage Newbies
Self Storage InvestingBaby Boomers Creating Huge Demand for Self Storage
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Self Storage InvestingHow To Start A Self Storage Business
Self Storage InvestingIntroduction to Self Storage
Self Storage InvestingIntroduction to Self Storage Development
Self Storage InvestingInvestment Opportunities in Self Storage
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Self Storage InvestingRecession-Proof Real Estate
Self Storage InvestingRecords Storage
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Self Storage InvestingSelf Serve Kiosks
Self Storage InvestingSelf Storage - Investors Should You Hire A Manager?
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Self Storage InvestingSeven Tenets Of A Great Self Storage Workplace
Self Storage InvestingTenant Insurance Win-Win in Self-Storage Facilities
Self Storage InvestingThe Future of Self Storage
Self Storage InvestingThe Self-Storage Investor's Dilemma - To Buy or to Build?
Self Storage InvestingWhy is Self Storage Suddenly So Hot!

Scott Meyers Videos (19)
Self Storage InvestmentsCharging & Collecting Self Storage Rental Late Fees
Self Storage InvestmentsCommercial Real Estate Investing Without Tenants, Toilets or Trash (Part 1)
Self Storage InvestmentsCommercial Real Estate Investing Without Tenants, Toilets or Trash (Part 2)
Self Storage InvestmentsCommercial Real Estate Investing Without Tenants, Toilets or Trash (Part 3)
Self Storage InvestmentsCommercial Real Estate Investing Without Tenants, Toilets or Trash (Part 4)
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Self Storage InvestmentsDecision Between Buying or Building a Self Storage Facility
Self Storage InvestmentsFree Marketing For Your Self Storage Business
Self Storage InvestmentsHow to Analyze a Self Storage Facility
Self Storage InvestmentsHow To Avoid A Wrongful Sale In Self Storage
Self Storage InvestmentsHow To Do A Private Money Self Storage Deal
Self Storage InvestmentsHow to Start a Self Storage Business
Self Storage InvestmentsPros & Cons of Purchasing a Facility With Existing LLC
Self Storage InvestmentsQuick Storage Tip: Filling in the Missing Paperwork Gaps
Self Storage InvestmentsSelf Storage Facilities Signage
Self Storage InvestmentsSelf Storage Franchises Explained For Real Estate Investors
Self Storage InvestmentsState Lien Laws on Auctions
Self Storage InvestmentsUsing Brokers For Your Self Storage Purchase
Self Storage InvestmentsUsing TV Ads for Marketing Your Self Storage Facility

Scott Meyers Freebies
Webinar - How to Make Millions in the Hottest & Easiest Commercial Real Estate
Investing Strategy WITHOUT Tenant, Toilets or Trash - Video Series
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