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Nick Sidoti's Management Course: Nick, aka, Dr. Cash Flow will teach you how to increase profits and reduce tenant headaches. You will receive his prescriptions for healing your festering property management ailments. His CPR ďCash Producing RemediesĒ will breathe new life into the heart of your management operation - your bank account. A must have survival kit for every landlord. The course includes:

Highly Effective Property Management and Successful Property Management Eliminates Yesterday's Property Management Problems of Tomorrow: ($797 Value)
  • Two Manuals
  • A Complete Encyclopedia of Hundreds of Rental and Bookkeeping forms
  • The best income protection rental application and rental agreement in the country
  • Six (6) audio cdís from a full day seminar on property management
  • 2 computer data disks.
Systematic Property Inspection and Property Analysis: ($39 Value)

A guide to approaching property inspection and property analysis with an organized system. This is a step-by-step guide to inspecting property with easy to follow directions. Included are: property analysis inspection summary, exterior property inspection forms, general, interior, and functional inspection forms, unit and apartment inspection forms, property financial analysis, and rate of return worksheet and a computer data disk. Just fill in the blanks and you will save and make thousands of dollars by knowing the true value of a property and the true cost of repairs.

Highly Effective Property Management Idea A Minute: ($399 Value)

This course contains six audio cdís from 6 hours of brainstorming that covers thousands of ideas that I picked up in the over 20 years of investing and speaking around the country. These are ideas to increase income, decrease expenses, also ideas on partial payments, filling vacancies, screening tenants, raising rents, dealing with tenants, and much more. This tape set is a buffet of ideas to be used as food for thought to increase your cash flow.

Highly Effective Property Management Updates: ($39 Value)

This is a supplement of updated property management forms. Nick will provide any new or revised forms or additions to his Highly Effective Property Management manual and Successful Property Management manual. You will be kept up to date on trends and changes in property management.

Take a Millionaire to Lunch: ($39 Value)

This course is a collection of interviews of some of the nations most successful real estate speakers and investors. Nick Sidoti and Jane Garvey conducted the interviews. Some of the questions asked are how they got started, what was their first deal, what worked for them and what did not work, what was their biggest mistakes, what was their best deal, what they would do different, any advice they want to give others and much more. Course contains six one-hour audio cdís. Learn the secrets of the pros.

**Order Right Now and Receive the Following Bonuses**

Two (2) Ticket's To Dave Lindahl's Boot Camp: ($2,997 Value)

On behalf of Dr. Cashflow, you will receive two (2) tickets to Dave Lindahl's Apartment House Riches Bootcamp. Dates available upon receipt of program.

Special Needs Housing Course: ($797 Value)

You will learn how to rent to special populations to double your cash flow. How to market your rentals to special populations and choose tenants that will make you very wealthy. Some of my most carefully guarded secrets are revealed in this course. This course provides the details, forms, and instructions to turn your rentals into tremendous cash flow generators. It includes six audio cdís, workbook, and a computer data disk.

Special Needs Housing Website: ($497 Value)

This will create a professional image for you and your company. This will show everyone that you are the expert for Special Needs Housing in your city. When a government agency looks at this site they will be all but convinced to send you checks right away. Nick spent $10,000 dollars creating this website for you to use.

Agency Presentation: (PRICELESS)

DONE FOR YOU DVD with Nick Presenting His Special Needs Concept to the Agency For You.

Nick sells this course for $1,594.00 everywhere he speaks, and you honestly won't find this anywhere else on the internet. You are getting nearly a $600 discount.

This is no Joke! GRAB IT NOW! YOU GET EVERYTHING LISTED FOR ONLY $997.00! ORDER NOW While Supplies Last!

100% Ironclad Money Back Guarantee

We're so confident that you will love this powerful real estate investing information that I'm willing to bear 100% of the risk for the next 30 days. That means that you can get in now plus get all the bonuses RISK FREE and give it a shot for 30 days. If you aren't happy for any reason simply send all materials and bonuses back within 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price. You're taking no risk.

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