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Real Estate Content Manager Needed

We are a small online real estate company providing information, training, and tools to real estate investors. We are seeking a part-time Content Manager to help acquire, create, publish, and distribute amazing videos and articles to our members.

This position will work from home remotely as a key role on our team. As our Content Manager, you’ll work one-on-one with our content authors via email, phone, chat, etc., to acquire, edit, publish and distribute content videos, content articles, and podcast interviews from these experts.

Compensation is negotiable and hours can be flexible but would be roughly 15-20 hours per week Monday through Friday, with the possibility of more hours later if desired. If you’re interested, then please carefully read this entire page and follow the instructions for next steps.

Our Content Manager is a master curator, project manager, and cat herder all rolled into one. Most of the content we publish and distribute is created by other experts outside of our business. Most of these people are busy professionals who have agreed to provide this content for us, but who really do not want to spend the time to actually do that task.

So, our Content Manager must manage a database of national experts, tracking all communications, setting deadlines, following up, keeping the lead flow high enough that content is coming in and being published consistently each week, all the while keeping the expert content providers smiling all the way.

Skills, Requirements, and Preferences


Some software apps the Content Manager may use often includes: Email, Aweber, Skype, Loom, Basecamp, Google Drive, Wordpress, Elementor Pro, Memberium, Infusionsoft, and LearnDash.

Working Remotely

Everything we do happens through the internet, email, Skype, mobile phones, etc., including weekly team tasks and meetings. We expect a lot from our small team, but as a result we’re very flexible with work times and vacation schedules as long as you're getting all your stuff done. However, we do expect that you will be available at least part of the day during the US workday, Central Time 8 am to 5 pm.

Hours, Pay, 30-Day Trial

As mentioned, starting hours for the Content Manager are 15-20 per week Monday through Friday. Specific hours can be flexible, but you should be available on a consistent basis so other team members can learn how to best work with you. We can work with you depending on your circumstances. Timesheets are received each week by Monday and paychecks are paid through PayPal. This position starts out on a 30-day trial basis after which either party is free to say with no hard feelings this is not a good fit.

How to Apply

If you think this is job is a great fit for you, then please email your resume along with a cover letter to support(at)reiclub.com.

Please include the following items in your cover letter:

  • Explain why you’re the ideal candidate for this position.
  • Describe your previous related work experience, if any, and provide links to prior work.
  • Describe your experience with real estate investing and real estate investing education.
  • Provide the links to your online profiles.
  • List the last three books you’ve read.
  • Share what you do like to do for fun.
  • Please include a smiley face in the subject line of your email, like this, :-). That’s your first test to see if you are good at following simple directions, and whether or not you even bothered to read this entire posting.
  • Candidates that make it past the first hurdles above will be asked to take a personality test. Thank you for your time and consideration.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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