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September 16, 2019, 12:08:40 am
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September 16, 2019, 12:08:40 am
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 : September 11, 2019, 09:38:50 am 
SimpleHouseOffer - SimpleHouseOffer
Article: Know When To Cut Your Losses On An Investment Property

Itís important to know when to cut your losses on an investment property in Andover. In our latest post, we will help you find out if it is better to hold onto the property or walk away.

Often times, people will purchase an investment property, holding on to in even when it isnít performing. While in some cases, it is best to hold on and enjoy the ride, in other cases, you will want to determine if getting rid of the property will actually be the better choice. Sometimes, it is better to cut your losses and walk away as opposed to dealing with a property that isnít working out for you.

Consistently Bad Tenants
If you canít seem to find a good tenant, there is likely a reason why. Either a bad property or a bad location will cause you to attract lower-quality tenants. This causes turnover and almost assures you will lose money. If you canít seem to find a good tenant, if you are tired fo people moving in and out, and if you are sick of paying for tenants screenings, selling off your Andover investment property may be the right choice for you!

Youíre Not Seeing A Profit
While this might be a no-brainer, not seeing a profit right away isnít a sign you should just get up and walk away. Property values go up and down, as does the demand. If it makes to hold the property while the market rebounds, then by all means, do so. Just like the stock market, real estate values go up and down. If you arenít receiving a profit today, thatís not to say you wonít in the not so distant future.

Deciding to sell your investment property in Andover, should only be done after your efforts have been exhausted and you have determined that the numbers simply arenít there. You canít just hope things will get better for your Andover investment property. You need to follow the numbers and reinvest where it makes more sense for you.

There Are Better Opportunities Available
Are there great opportunities out there that keep passing you buy? If you have capital tied up in a property that isnít performing, you could be missing out on some serious profits. Donít allow yourself to get stuck with an underperforming property, while other real all the rewards. If you see a lot of action and growth in your local market, while you are simply sitting stagnant, you may want to consider putting your money elsewhere.

Now weíre not saying that you should immediately sell just because there is a better opportunity here or there. The market is always fluctuating, with property value and demand rising and falling. If you are seeing a nice profit, you donít want to jump the gun because you see something that is only slightly better.

Is There Potential?
Does the property in question have potential? Maybe a few small upgrades could increase the value? Or maybe you havenít been increasing the rent as you should be, and have found yourself priced well below market. Take a look at when your tenantís lease is up and how much you can realistically raise the rent without your tenants wanting to move out. Investors will often get stuck in their ways, never raising their tenants rent as they should be. The potential value of the property can be much more than you are actually seeing. Make sure you are doing everything you can to maximize the value of your investment.

Chris Edwards

 : September 11, 2019, 09:30:50 am 
gailbrown - Jonah_Homesprout
Good point on there being two sides, good and bad, to our developed habits!

Morning routines that target specific growth areas of our lives can be extremely beneficial, whether that be in areas that help our physical or mental development. In that way, apart from the direct benefits of those habits, the day is begun with focus and an awareness of our actions.   

 : September 11, 2019, 06:04:39 am 
Admin - ASteeleT
Hello All, 
I am a new multifamily investor in the central Ma area.  I am having trouble finding an attorney (preferably also an investor) to review investment partnership contracts.  Any recommendations would be welcomed!
Thank you!!

 : September 11, 2019, 04:23:38 am 
Admin - Kebar
Would be great to give a thread for foreign property

 : September 11, 2019, 04:21:40 am 
IlBLisSlI - Kebar
Hard work will help

 : September 11, 2019, 04:18:08 am 
robdedgar - Kebar
You can sell your house to a local investment firm

 : September 11, 2019, 12:27:40 am 
Kate Leiton - RussellbuyshousesAtlanta
The best tip that I can share would be to attend your local REI Club and try to connect with other investors that are doing deals using no cash and no credit. Learn as much as you can from them by offering to work for free.

All the best,
Russell Hudson

 : September 10, 2019, 07:25:58 pm 
Randoskie - javipa
After all I posted earlier, there's probably one more important thing to be noted about using bandit signs with pre-paid leases, and that's that few property owners want hand-scrawled bandit signs stabbed in their yard. 

Instead they want to see clean, neat and professionally printed ones (which I show them in advance). 

Perhaps like the one shown below:

 : September 10, 2019, 06:21:07 pm 
Randoskie - javipa
This turned into a novel.

I donít put up signs myself.

I hire the neighbor kid to put up the signs.  He needs the money and his parents want him out of the house.  So, itís win/win.

On a one-off deal like pre-paid leases, I have already found the property owners willing to let me post a sign in their yard/fence/wall/field, etc. for three months.  Iíve offered to pay three-months in advance, and told the owner that Iím sending a kid to install the sign, so he doesnít call the cops for trespassing. 

I get a signed receipt for the pre-paid rent, because the costs are deductible.

We give the owner sixty, one-dollar, bills, which is enough to seal most deals.

On the one-off installations, itís gonna cost $50 to have six, leased, signs installed strategically by the installer.  Itís gonna cost $60 for every 3-month lease.  This comes to a little over $400 for three monthsí worth of fixed advertising in multiple, select locations. 

This beats the $800 youíre likely to spend, posting mass signage on the weekends, that will disappear in two days, unless youíre picking them back up on Mondays (which costs even more money).

In the event youíre gonna do mass installations, youíre gonna pay the installer about $15/hr., plus gas, and probably offer a $.50 bonus for each installed sign.  This provides incentive to get all the signs installed. 

ē   You want to change out the color/text of the sign with each new lease, so that they donít become invisible (too familiar).

ē   Posting signs in older neighborhoods is usually safe.  Posting in the hood is always safe.  Posting in neighborhoods with HOAís is usually a problem, even for the owners of the properties themselves.  Otherwise, property owners can usually do what they want, and thatís why negotiating sign leases with them is efficient, legal and profitable.

ē   Property owners may get complaints and take your leased signage down early, despite having been paid to leave them installed. Thatís where a signed receipt comes in handy. Depending on how stale the lease is, itís just better to find a new location, rather than have a scrap-iron-fit with the property owner for reneging on the deal.   

ē   Depending on how many signs youíre having posted, and the demonstrated honesty and/or retard level of your installer, you either give the installer a flat fee to deliver Ďxí numbers of signs, and say ďGo!Ē or you can give him a map, and pay him $15/hr. plus gas money to install the entire load of signage.  Either way, youíll need to confirm the installations the first time around with any installer.

ē   OR, you can drive the suspects and retards personally, and let them jump out and install the signs where you tell them.  This way, youíre never surprised.

ē   Otherwise, you might have to go through a couple of installers, because some canít drive and pound at the same time.  ďI get lost.  Hereís your sign back.Ē  SIGN?  What happened to all the rest of them? 

ē   You donít pay the lease with a check, unless youíre okay with the property owner giving up your name, address and telephone number to the codes administration when they show up.

ē   Only use a google number on your signs, to protect your privacy, and keep the cranks at bay. 
        o   I used to suggest sending everyone to an outgoing message with a voicemail, but this just gave my competition a better chance to steal my opportunities.  So, personally answering the phone is always best.  You might be surprised at the numbers of people that call me, because the competition wouldnít answer its phone in person, or at allÖ

*** Speaking of codes administrationÖ Administrators are as sneaky and dishonest, if not crooked as they came.  They have zero problem tripping up naive bandit sign owners.

This is a well-known story, but in one case, a codes enforcer called an investor from a bandit sign, claiming to be a motivated seller.  The investor met with the alleged seller, cum codes enforcement officer, and was served a codes violation notice and a summons. 

Well, as it turned out the investor was suspicious, and smart enough not to use his real name, and the codes administrator was unable to fill in the violatorís real name.  And he didnít have the authority to arrest the investor for failing to comply with his name request.  The investor grabbed the sign, and drove off.

This canít be a normal routine, but itís just something to be aware of in real life.

Thatís all I got for nowÖ

 : September 10, 2019, 06:09:45 pm 
imranabdul - zionrei
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What web platforms do you currently use?


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