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REIClub Getting Private Money Fast Start CD

by REIClub

by REIClub

This Private Money CD Reveals Insider Secrets to Finding More Private Money Than You Can Find Great Deals

Proven Money-Getting Strategy Can Get You Your First Check in the Next 30 Days or Less

This market is creating MILLIONAIRES just like you all over the country..

Did you know....

Who makes an ideal private money lender and the four best places to locate them?

The proper way to develop long-term relationships with existing private lenders in your market?

How to easily tap into massive retirement funds that are sitting around earning the owners almost nothing?

How to best optimize your Presentation to possible investors to increase your chances for getting a "yes"?

How to set up, invite, host, and close private money lenders at a networking luncheon?

How to safely advertise for private lenders without getting in trouble with the SEC or anyone else?

Now you can.

These audio files lay it all out for you and walk you through the entire private money process from start to finish. Topics include finding the ideal lenders, presentation slides, credibility kit, qualifying lenders, networking luncheons, internet marketing, and much more..

Only $6 (S&H Included)!

"These audios were great and very informative. I found the examples very good and will be using them in the future. I have read a lot of books on investing in real estate and alot of them ether do not touch on this subject of give you very little information, if any at all. This audio tells you step by step what to do and how to do it. For me, the Social Media and Structuring Deals using the flexible method were two of the best sections."
Jim S.
"I am glad to say that this audio book was a delight to come across because it was full of pertinent data about finding funding. Where as in other books I would maybe get a paragraph out of a chapter that would be helpful concerning what the chapter was about. I found that the information provided in this book was laid out logically with a specific pathway to follow for acquiring specific types of funding.
Other than say that I have enjoyed listening to this book twice and plan to listen to it repeatedly there is not a lot more to say other than to listen to this book, take notes, make a plan, listen to it again then go out and find you proper funding source. I would highly recommend this book for anyone looking for sources of information concerning funding."
Larry Lillard
"This is an incredible series of audio training files! It's packed with great information as well as actionable steps to connect with Local Private Money Lenders. This training helps you acquire a huge piece of your successful power team. A must have for any successful real estate investor!"
Jeremiah P.

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