Equity Builder Service Financial LLC


Equity Builder Service Financial LLC

Vincent Sutton
1 (985) 298-4831

I served for 22 years in the US Army as a Medic (line medic, scout medic, airborne medic, special operations and flight medic). After I retired I continued to work as a 911 paramedic and later as a Critical Care Transport Medic.

When I left the service in 2003, I worked with a company called Primerica selling residential mortgages, but after a few years I created Equity Builder Service Financial to serve people on a more personal level. EBS Financial also fixed & flipped houses and sold them to owner/residents on leases with purchase options. We found many potential homeowners needed help with their finances to put them in a better position to purchase a home, so we partnered with realtors, credit repair agencies, contractors and lenders to prepare them.

Now today, I want to help other real estate investors achieve their goals by securing funding for their deals and helping guide them with my real estate experience.

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