Commercial Property Academy
by Scott Scheel

Why is investing in commercial real estate so profitable? Here are some of the best reasons:
  • The monthly cash flow very high.

  • There is a lot less risk than most people realize -- the risk is spread out among multiple tenants.

  • True passive income: Because the cash flow is so high, you can afford to hire someone to manage your property for you (freeing up your valuable time).

  • Your profits can be tax free (or at least Tax Deferred - indefinitely) through refinancing or through a secret the IRS doesn't want you to know about: they call it the "1031 Tax Deferred Exchange".

  • Forced appreciation -- that's just a fancy term for improving a property to increase its value (increasing the amount of cash in your pocket). I'll show you easy-to-do, low-cost improvements you can do on your properties that add more zeros to the end of your checks!

  • Much less competition -- Everyone else around you is focusing on single-family homes because No One Else in the country is teaching how to creatively invest in commercial property.
More Cash Flow

Let's use a simple example:

Imagine if you were to buy a $250,000 single-family rental house. That $250,000 house may rent for somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,500 per month. The underlying mortgage on that house may be somewhere between $1,000 and $1,400 per month. So you may end up getting between $100 and $500 per month in positive cash flow. Now, let's take a look at a similar investment from a commercial standpoint. That same $250,000 investment may end up getting you a 10-unit apartment complex, which comes out to $25,000 per unit to acquire the property.

Let's say each of those units were two-bedroom apartments, which could rent in most areas of the United States anywhere between $400 and $600 per month. For simplicity's sake, let's use an average of $500 per month. At $500 per month times ten units, you're bringing in $5,000 per month - more than triple the rent that you could expect to get from that same $250,000 single-family house. Your underlying mortgage payment would be very similar to what you would expect on a residential property; for this example, let's use $1,400 per month. Your cash flow on this 10-unit apartment building will be $3,600 per month ($5,000 per month income, minus $1,400 mortgage payment). Now that will make a difference in just about anyone's life!

Less Risk

Most importantly, you're now spreading out the risk over ten tenants, as opposed to one. If your single-family house goes vacant, you're on the hook for the entire mortgage. Every penny of that mortgage, all of the maintenance, and everything that goes along with it is now your responsibility. If the house is vacant for two months, you'd better be planning on spending a minimum of $2,800 to cover that mortgage plus miscellaneous expenses including maintenance, utilities, taxes, and insurance. Potentially, you're looking at a very heavy negative cash flow.

On the commercial property, however, if one of your ten units goes vacant at $500 per unit, you've only lost One tenth of your income. You're still bringing in $4,500. So you get slightly less positive cash flow but you're certainly not experiencing negative cash flow. Say three units go vacant -- you're still covering your mortgage and putting cash in your pockets! Do you see how there is actually less risk in commercial properties?

Passive Income

In fact, if you wanted to give away one apartment to an on-site property manager, and maybe pay them a few hundred dollars a month for part-time help, you'd have your property working on auto-pilot and you'd still be making thousands per month -- true passive income!

Note: Although these numbers work in most parts of the country, I realize there are certain high-priced areas, notably the west coast and parts of the northeast, where houses start in the $600,000+ range, and $60,000 and up per unit is much more common for apartments. Rest assured that these concepts still work 100% -- only the numbers, and the profits, are larger.

More Than Apartments:
Office, Retail, and Industrial/Warehouse

Throughout the three days of the Workshop, you'll be learning about a lot more than just apartment buildings. Apartment buildings are great investments, and we will cover them thoroughly, but if you are only looking at apartments, you are passing by 75% of the opportunity in your market! That's why we will also cover -- in detail -- investing in office buildings, retail space, and industrial / warehouse opportunities. Each segment of the commercial market has their own unique features, and you will be learning how to be successful in all of them.

In fact, knowing how to successfully invest in all four types of commercial property is critical because when apartment buildings are overpriced in your area, office buildings and retail space may be ripe for getting great bargains, or vice versa. By the time you leave this workshop, you will be an expert at all sides of commercial real estate investing.

PLEASE NOTE: It's absolutely critical that you learn how all four major facets of commercial real estate investing work, or you may be walking by millions of dollars in cash that you could have put right into your pockets! The good news is I'll be covering all four types in depth at the 4-Day Workshop.

Duplicate My Success in a Fraction of the Time

Since that first 24-unit apartment building, I've had an insatiable appetite to know how I could buy commercial real estate better, turn it around faster, and learn from other people's mistakes. In fact, I've spent thousands of dollars per year on my education -- easily over $50,000 in training over the last 7+ years. My investment in my education was worth every penny because it has made me hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits in my commercial real estate deals. It also showed me all the things I did wrong in the past that cost me tens of thousands of dollars, and how to avoid those mistakes in the future.

I have personally bought and partnered on dozens of commercial properties worth over $11 Million, have consulted on hundreds of deals worth over $100 Million, and have evaluated literally thousands of opportunities. I've taken all this training and experience and distilled it into an easy-to-learn, step-by-step system that will teach you how to buy, manage, and sell commercial properties practically on auto-pilot, so you can create huge profits on a regular basis and live the lifestyle you want to live!

In fact, if I had bought that 24-unit apartment building knowing what I know now, I would have pulled out that $1,057,000 in about 12 months. Maybe 18 months at most -- if I was extremely lazy! I will teach you exactly how to generate a large monthly passive income on your way to your first $1 million in 12 to 24 months. By the time you leave my 4-day Workshop, you will have no doubt that you can do this every day of every week, and make a major change in the quality of your life!

Seven Moves To Checkmate™

If you've ever seen or played the game of chess, you know that "checkmate" is the term used for when you win the game. At some point near the end of the game, you know exactly how many moves away you are from winning. In commercial real estate, "checkmate" is creating profits of $250,000, $500,000, and more, on your way to your first $1 Million, and you are now only SEVEN MOVES away from winning the game.

Here are the Seven Moves To Checkmate™ in Commercial Real Estate:
  • Locate Opportunities

  • Pre-Screen The Winners

  • Know Your Exit Strategy

  • Find The Money

  • Construct Irresistible Offers

  • Put Your Properties On "Auto-Pilot"

  • Cash Your Huge Profit$
Throughout the 4-Day Workshop, each one of these topics will be covered thoroughly, and we will apply them to apartments, office buildings, retail space, and industrial/warehouse properties. I will assume that you are an absolute beginner, and by the time you leave after the fourth day, you will receive your certificate in Creative Commercial Real Estate™! And if you're not an absolute beginner, you'll learn plenty of advanced techniques that have taken me years to learn, and will literally explode your current investing to a whole new level.

Where You Find The Deals and How to Have the Deals Find You

I'll show you simple, free, and super-low-cost ways to find the hidden gems that no one else knows about. Even better, I'll teach you how to have the best opportunities find you! You will literally be hunted down by people who want to bring you amazing opportunities because they'll know you can get the deal done. I know because it happens to me everyday. I'll show you exactly how I do it, and how to make it start happening to you.

36 Questions To $1 Million

At the 4-Day Workshop, you'll get a copy of my famous Opportunity Evaluator™ sheet. It's basically a checklist of 36 questions you need to ask the seller, and based on the answers you get, it will tell you exactly -- in no uncertain terms -- whether or not you can turn this deal into a million dollars.

Just as important, based on only seven of those questions, you'll know how to disqualify the time-wasting leads in less than 2 minutes flat. You'll get plenty of practice doing this: We'll split you into teams at the 4-Day Workshop and you'll be working on actual case studies (from my own deals and from student deals) so you can learn how to discover the good deals and recognize the bad deals. You can even bring in your own leads and plug them into The Opportunity Evaluator™ to analyze whether they work or don't work. By the time you get home, you'll be that much further ahead to your first big profits!

Walk Through the Back Door Before You Walk Through the Front Door

What do I mean by this? Simply that you will learn what is the best way to sell the property before you even offer to buy it! We're looking for "hidden treasure" in a property that we can uncover to make boatloads of profits. I'll show you how to come up with creative strategies that will squeeze the most profit out of every potential deal.

How to Get People Lining Up

Are you wondering where to find the money to make your deals happen? Remember that I bought my very first commercial property with "no money down" -- that doesn't mean I didn't need money to buy the property; just that none of that money came out of my pockets. The honest truth is that there are many, many people out there that have tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars earning very low interest rates that would love to be involved in your commercial deals. They may be earning 2%-3% in a bank account, or 6% in a CD, or negative percentages in the stock market. You probably know some of these people already. If you don't, I'll teach you how to find so many of them they'll be knocking down your doors to give you money!

How to Construct Irresistible Offers

After you've found the deals (or they've found you), put them through The Opportunity Evaluator™, decided on your exit strategy, decided you want to buy it, and found the money, I'll show you how to construct an "Irresistible Offer" to the seller that will make sure you're able to buy the property. Your offers will have plenty of contingencies to protect you, and no, you will not have to pay top dollar for every property.

The reason you can construct a better offer to the seller than the competition is because I will teach you how to look at commercial real estate in creative ways that your competition doesn't understand. You will simply have more options and know more ways to create value in the property than anyone else bidding on it. Does this mean you'll buy every property you ever make an offer on? Probably not. But I will show you how to dramatically increase the chances that your offers will get accepted.

How to Run Your Buildings on Auto-Pilot

The key to a successful commercial real estate deal is the passive income it generates on the way to creating the huge profits! You don't want to trade one job for another as a property manager. At the 4-Day Workshop, you'll learn specific, easy-to-implement management techniques that will make your properties run on "auto-pilot", bringing in cash every month whether you decide to work that month or not. That's how I run my properties, and I'll teach you exactly how I do it. What would it mean to you and your family if you had the freedom to not go to work because the money was coming in automatically? How would you spend all that extra time in your life? I'll bet you enjoy finding out!

Only One Thing Left to Do: Cash in Your Huge Profits

You are now only 12 to 24 months away from your $1 Million. How would you like it if (for a change) the IRS did not take a big chunk of that away from you? I can show you how to take the profits out of your commercial properties in ways that are 100% tax free or tax deferred (perhaps deferred forever). These techniques are also 100% ethical and legal. The IRS fully approved these techniques, but hopes you don't find out about them so you'll hand over 25%, 33%, or more of your profits to the government. That won't happen to you, though, because you will have been at my 4-Day Workshop and I'll introduce you to strategies on how to legally and ethically cash your checks without paying any taxes. This knowledge alone will make you hundreds of thousands of dollars per deal.

Four Reasons Why You Should Walk Over Hot Coals,
Crawl Over Broken Glass, And Swim Through Shark-Infested Waters
To Get To My 4-Day Workshop

You're getting started in commercial real estate investing at the perfect time, because now is the best time in the last 30 years to invest in commercial real estate! Here's why:

Reason #1: Because Of The Current Economy

Right now, many commercial properties have high vacancy rates, which means that many owners are now motivated sellers. You can get into fantastic opportunities for pennies on the dollar! It's the simple law of supply and demand -- the supply of depressed, high-vacancy properties is very high right now, and the demand by "traditional" investors (who don't understand my creative techniques for improving value and improving occupancy -- the exact types of things you will be learning at the workshop) is very low.

Building owners have to lower rents just to get tenants -- also driving the value of the buildings down and letting you purchase them at huge discounts. Do you think that once the economy turns around (and it will turn around) and all these building owners are enjoying close to 100% occupancy and high monthly rents that they will be desperate to sell at low prices? Of course not! That's why you have to start evaluating and buying properties now to get the best deals.

Reason #2: Commercial Lending Rates

You can find rates as low as 5%, 6% or 7% on commercial loans right now. Just a couple of years ago they were in the 8%, 9%, and 10% range. They're inching back up again, so you need to act soon! Remember that the higher the interest rate, the lower your cash flow, and thus the lower the value of the buildings you buy. Every time the commercial rates go up, it's like taking money out of your pocket!

Reason #3: Banks Are desperate To Sell You Their Commercial Properties

Banks are desperate to get rid of the commercial properties on their books. If a commercial property goes into default, bankers' jobs are literally on the line because it affects the bottom lines of those banks next year by tens to hundreds of millions of dollars. These 3 factors (soft economy, low interest rates, banks desperate to sell) combine to make this the best time to buy commercial properties in the last 30 years, and maybe the next 30 years! If you're not there at my 4-Day Workshop, you won't be prepared to take full advantage of it and you'll miss out on potentially hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in your pocket over the next few years.

Reason #4: No One Else In The Country Is Teaching This Stuff

How many gurus are out there teaching people how to invest in single-family homes? Dozens? Hundreds? How many people are teaching how to creatively invest in commercial properties? One: Me. Why? Because in commercial real estate, the profits from doing it are exponentially larger than the profits from teaching it, and someone would have to take a huge income cut to spend time training others rather than buying more commercial properties. My investments will make me hundreds of times more income than any amount of teaching would.

So Why Am I Doing It? Lots Of Reasons:

Because I would never have been so amazingly successful in commercial real estate if my mentors hadn't taken the time and effort to train me how to invest creatively, and I want to give back to others the way they've given to me. Because I have very close friends and family that I haven't been able to coach properly due to the fact I'm very busy investing, and there's not enough time to individually train everyone who asks me. Because it's an inefficient use of my valuable time to recreate the wheel every time someone asked me for coaching. That's why I've created this step-by-step system, so that I can walk people start-to-finish through buying, holding, and selling commercial properties creatively and creating huge profits along the way.

But I won't be doing it for long. I'm not just saying that. I have many other dreams to pursue, and commercial real estate is only a means to an end for me, just as it should be for you. I've committed to training others to creatively invest in commercial real estate for at least two years, and the first year has already passed. After that I plan on "retiring" on my huge monthly passive income and investment profits and start pursuing my other dreams, which have little to do with real estate. During the coming year, I plan on having this 4-Day Workshop only a few times a year. That means you'll have very limited opportunities to learn this invaluable information, and if you blink, that window of opportunity may be gone forever. That's why it's so important that you come now - you never know what the future holds or whether the dates I schedule future workshops on will conflict with your schedule.

(By the way, next year, I'll be only 38 years old. I never would have been able to retire at 38 if it wasn't for learning how to invest in commercial properties. Come to my 4-Day Workshop and let me show you how to be able to retire in the next two to three years based on the large passive income cash flows and huge chunks of cash you'll get through investing in commercial real estate!)

How To Turn $2.74 into $164.38 - Every Day, For Life!

By now you're probably asking yourself, "How much is this going to cost me?" Well, I've been thinking about that for a long time. I asked myself what would be a fair price for four full days of learning how to create $5,000 to $10,000 in passive income every month on the way to your first $1 Million in 12 to 24 months? What would I have spent to go to a live, hands-on Workshop when I first started over seven years ago? How much would it have been worth to me to have someone hand me everything on a platter in a proven, step-by-step system rather than me paying more than $50,000 over seven years to learn while making lots of mistakes along the way? (Especially considering that education made me hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years.)

What would it be worth to you to learn how to make thousands of dollars per month on auto-pilot, spending more time on the things that are important to you and your family, while creating unlimited wealth in the process? My first thought was $10,000. And yes, many people would pay that to learn how to create huge six-figure profits on their way to $1 Million, but at that price, it would also prevent many people from coming who are just getting started like I was a little over seven years ago, and I don't want that. I wanted to find a way to make coming to the 4-Day Workshop a "no-brainer" for you, so I racked my brains and came up with a way that I think will make this the easiest decision you have ever made. So... this may be the last time I'll ever offer this great low price... but if you register now , you can attend the Live, Hands-On 4-Day Workshop for only$6,000.00.

That's only $5.48 per day for the next three years. That's less than the price of a muffin and a cup of coffee at Starbucks® these days. Less than the price of renting a movie at Blockbusters®. But what if I could put it into a very real perspective for you... What if I introduced you to a group of people that offered to trade you that $5.48 (every single day) for $164.38, would you do it? I know I would - that would be multiplying my money by 60 times! How about if they came back and made you the same offer tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day... and after the three years were up, they still kept coming back and giving you $164.38 every day for the rest of your life?

That group of people represents the tenants of your first commercial investment, and the $164.38 per day represents a $5,000 positive monthly cash flow from those tenants that keeps coming and coming and coming, month after month -- indefinitely. That doesn't even include the huge six-figure profits you'll be creating in your properties over the next 12 to 24 months on your way to $1 Million. This is a very real example, and when you come to my 4-Day Workshop, I'll show you exactly, step-by-step, how to make it a reality.

If You Don't Come Now, Where Will You Be This Time Next Year?

Would an extra $5,000 or $10,000 per month -- every month, whether you work that month or not -- make a difference in your life? How about profits of $250,000, $500,000, and more? If you come to my 4-Day Workshop in February, and act on the information you'll learn, you should very easily be seeing those types of profits one year from when you start.

$12,489 In Bonuses If You Act Quickly!

If You Register Now , You'll Also Get The Following Bonuses:

The Opportunity Evaluator™ Software

This is the live, spreadsheet version of The Opportunity Evaluator™ that I use (and will teach you to use) to evaluate properties. It automatically calculates and crunches the numbers for you, saving you valuable time in pre-screening your prospects. I spent well over 100 hours creating it, tweaking it, and re-tweaking it, but it was well worth it because it gives me instant feedback on where the gold is (or isn't) in each opportunity. (Value: $995)

Bring Your Spouse, Parent, or Child for free
(Value: $5,997)

Attend Again Within 12 Months for Only $500

If you need a refresher, want to stay current on our latest and greatest creative strategies, or just want to network with the other Creative Commercial Real Estate™ investors in the class, come back and join us. (Value: $5,497)

After everything you've seen in this letter, you'd have to be crazy to miss this 4-Day Workshop. Register now and start the clock ticking to your first $1 Million in 12 to 24 months. Don't wait! Register now ! This will probably be the most important event you'll ever attend!

Yours in Success,

J. Scott Scheel

P.S. By the way, here's another incentive: The 4-Day Workshop is 100% tax deductible*. "Uncle Sam" wants to reward you for improving your education! (*talk to your tax advisor about the deductibility of educational expenses.)

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Dear Scott,

I attended your "Commercial Real Estate Seminar" in September 2005. After attending your impressive seminar, I came out with so much new information and a new motivation for success which I was able to apply immediately.

Using your creative methods to acquire property, I began to closely examine several opportunities. Your incredibly valuable "Opportunity Evaluator" software helped me determine that I should focus on a 26,000 SF office building in the Northwest Chicago suburb of Mount Prospect .

Scott, the solid personal advice that you offered me gave me the competitive edge of an experience bidder even though this was my very first attempt at a commercial auction.

A partnership dispute forced this building to auction sale. As-is the property is worth over $1,872,000. On September 20th, I won the bid at $1,500,000.

So I gained over $372,000 accessible equity to my balance sheet within a few short weeks of applying your system!!!

Due to mismanagement by the partnership, the occupancy had declined in an area of high demand. It will take me less than 12 months to lease the property up to market level and when I do the property will be worth around $2.6 million.

That’s $1.1 Million in profit in less that 12 months!!! This opportunity would not have been there for me had I not learned and applied your systems!

I highly recommend your training for either the novice or advanced real estate investor for new and higher levels of success and motivation.

Richard Lowry Garza
Chicago , IL

I heard you speak and knew that commercial real estate was something that wanted to get into but never knew how. Nobody was teaching it, so I jumped at the opportunity to learn from you.

We wanted to invest in our home town, but the returns were lousy and properties were overpriced. But using you creative techniques for locating properties, were able to fish from a different pond. We didn’t have to deal with brokers or face competition from other investors, because you showed us how to look where nobody else was looking.

Then it happened. I found a deal and evaluated I with your awesome software. The property was excellent and the cash flow was amazing. The seller wanted to retire and was motivated to sell. He was asking only asking 5.2 million, even though I was able to determine with your software that it was worth close to 7 Million.

Using your coaching, your personal money guys and the creative financing you taught me, I was able to get the deal done. The property and accompanying business cash flow $50,000 a month after debt service! That’s $600,000 in positive cash flow a year.

Add that to the $2,000,000 million in equity I gained at the closing table, and I would say that it was a decent deal for my first try.

Scott, you gave me the tools I needed to get this deal done. Without your system, I would not have gotten this or any deal done.

Thank you again for all the guidance and for changing my life, I am forever in debt to you!!

Peter Rzepka
Las Vegas NV


With your coaching, on my first commercial deal I was able to get the property without a penny out of my pocket. The seller was willing to do owner financing for a year with a purchase price of $170K. The rents for the property total $2,250 a month with the tenants paying all utilities except sewer. The cash flow will conservatively be $1,000 per month. I thought this was a pretty good start into the commercial world :-). Thanks again for everything!

Steve Kansa
Atlanta, GA

After listening to Scott speak, (and being in the middle of negotiating a deal), we couldn't resist hitting Scott up for some advice. Friend, I can tell you it takes a lot to impress me! In 30 seconds, Scott gave us advice that made us $20,000 on this deal!!! The units will rent for $430 per month. My wife can now quit her job. Yes, I am impressed!

J. B. McConnaughey
Kannapolis, NC


Before I attended your academy, I was strictly focused on single family and small multi-family housing (2-4 units) and doing OK for myself. I was caught up in the flip mentality... we sold everything and held nothing. I got good at creating lump sums of cash, but the challenge was that if I didn't have a deal closing each month or so, I was struggling to cover overhead...

I heard about you and your Creative Commercial Real Estate Academy. I didn't hesitate to sign up. What I learned has truly changed my life forever! Within 6 months of attending your class , I find myself closing on a 99-unit apartment complex here in New Orleans and close to closing on a 10-story office building downtown. These 2 deals together will yield almost 3 million dollars in equity and a passive income of around $30,000 per month. Without the knowledge I gained at your seminar I wouldn't have had the slightest clue as to how to make these deals work. Your course taught me everything I needed to make this dream come true. And it IS like a dream. I feel like I am holding a winning lottery ticket!

Chris Daigle
New Orleans, LA

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