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Dear Scott,

I attended your "Commercial Real Estate Seminar" in September 2005. After attending your impressive seminar, I came out with so much new information and a new motivation for success which I was able to apply immediately.

Using your creative methods to acquire property, I began to closely examine several opportunities. Your incredibly valuable "Opportunity Evaluator" software helped me determine that I should focus on a 26,000 SF office building in the Northwest Chicago suburb of Mount Prospect .

Scott, the solid personal advice that you offered me gave me the competitive edge of an experience bidder even though this was my very first attempt at a commercial auction.

A partnership dispute forced this building to auction sale. As-is the property is worth over $1,872,000. On September 20th, I won the bid at $1,500,000.

So I gained over $372,000 accessible equity to my balance sheet within a few short weeks of applying your system!!!

Due to mismanagement by the partnership, the occupancy had declined in an area of high demand. It will take me less than 12 months to lease the property up to market level and when I do the property will be worth around $2.6 million.

Thatís $1.1 Million in profit in less that 12 months!!! This opportunity would not have been there for me had I not learned and applied your systems!

I highly recommend your training for either the novice or advanced real estate investor for new and higher levels of success and motivation.

Richard Lowry Garza
Chicago , IL

I heard you speak and knew that commercial real estate was something that wanted to get into but never knew how. Nobody was teaching it, so I jumped at the opportunity to learn from you.

We wanted to invest in our home town, but the returns were lousy and properties were overpriced. But using you creative techniques for locating properties, were able to fish from a different pond. We didnít have to deal with brokers or face competition from other investors, because you showed us how to look where nobody else was looking.

Then it happened. I found a deal and evaluated I with your awesome software. The property was excellent and the cash flow was amazing. The seller wanted to retire and was motivated to sell. He was asking only asking 5.2 million, even though I was able to determine with your software that it was worth close to 7 Million.

Using your coaching, your personal money guys and the creative financing you taught me, I was able to get the deal done. The property and accompanying business cash flow $50,000 a month after debt service! Thatís $600,000 in positive cash flow a year.

Add that to the $2,000,000 million in equity I gained at the closing table, and I would say that it was a decent deal for my first try.

Scott, you gave me the tools I needed to get this deal done. Without your system, I would not have gotten this or any deal done.

Thank you again for all the guidance and for changing my life, I am forever in debt to you!!

Peter Rzepka
Las Vegas NV


With your coaching, on my first commercial deal I was able to get the property without a penny out of my pocket. The seller was willing to do owner financing for a year with a purchase price of $170K. The rents for the property total $2,250 a month with the tenants paying all utilities except sewer. The cash flow will conservatively be $1,000 per month. I thought this was a pretty good start into the commercial world :-). Thanks again for everything!

Steve Kansa
Atlanta, GA

After listening to Scott speak, (and being in the middle of negotiating a deal), we couldn't resist hitting Scott up for some advice. Friend, I can tell you it takes a lot to impress me! In 30 seconds, Scott gave us advice that made us $20,000 on this deal!!! The units will rent for $430 per month. My wife can now quit her job. Yes, I am impressed!

J. B. McConnaughey
Kannapolis, NC


Before I attended your academy, I was strictly focused on single family and small multi-family housing (2-4 units) and doing OK for myself. I was caught up in the flip mentality... we sold everything and held nothing. I got good at creating lump sums of cash, but the challenge was that if I didn't have a deal closing each month or so, I was struggling to cover overhead...

I heard about you and your Creative Commercial Real Estate Academy. I didn't hesitate to sign up. What I learned has truly changed my life forever! Within 6 months of attending your class , I find myself closing on a 99-unit apartment complex here in New Orleans and close to closing on a 10-story office building downtown. These 2 deals together will yield almost 3 million dollars in equity and a passive income of around $30,000 per month. Without the knowledge I gained at your seminar I wouldn't have had the slightest clue as to how to make these deals work. Your course taught me everything I needed to make this dream come true. And it IS like a dream. I feel like I am holding a winning lottery ticket!

Chris Daigle
New Orleans, LA

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