Real Estate Investors KISS Guide to Bookkeeping
by John Hyre

Save THOUSANDS of Dollars EVERY Year!

Good bookkeeping is the most underrated way to hammer the IRS and save thousands on your tax bill.

In The Real Estate Investor's KISS Guide to Bookkeeping, tax attorney, accountant and real estate investor, John Hyre, shows you exactly how to do it, year after year, EVERY year, including:
  • How to keep your books and stop overpaying your tax preparer

  • How to save thousands of dollars on professional fees

  • How to do the books right and get the deductions you deserve

  • How to break out certain assets and increase depreciation deductions

  • How to get tax savings of up to $2,000 to $6,000 per year

  • How to take the deductions and avoid IRS penalties

  • How to keep your books so you can survive an IRS audit

  • How to train your accountant (if you use one) to do it RIGHT
  • And much, MUCH more
This course is written in plain English for the lay person, and it's very easy to understand, even for those of us who shy away from "numbers."

The Real Estate Investor's KISS Guide to Bookkeeping includes a "plug in" CD that works with QuickBooks 2004 through 2009 (sold separately). Using QuickBooks saves you lots of TIME, because the computer performs the tedious, time-consuming calculations and quickly summarizes relevant information for you. The "plug in" customizes QuickBooks specifically for real estate, mobile home, and note investing.

No experience needed! This course is designed for the real estate, mobile home, or note investor who has little or no accounting, tax, or QuickBooks knowledge. There are many different ways to do the same thing. This course teaches you just one way to do things, over and over and over again. That keeps things simple and drives home the lesson for non-accountants.

For People Who HATE Accounting. Most real estate investors are far more interested in making money on deals than in learning the intricacies of tax law and accounting entries. This book is for you.

Most people learn best by example. Lots and lots of them are included in the book. You still should read the text. But to help you put it all together, there are plenty of examples with numbers plugged in. And the examples are written in plain English, not "taxese."

The Bottom Line: You can pay $299 now, or you can pay MUCH more when:
  • Your accountant quickly does the books at a high billing rate to squeeze out your return at the last minute;

  • The IRS figures your taxable income for you (it'll be high!) and charges penalties and interest;

  • You miss out on the deductions that are your LEGAL right; and

  • You make the wrong decisions for your business due to incomplete information.
It's your call...$299 now, or much more later!
Only $299.00!

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I bought the course and gave it to my tax guy or cpa who read it and could not say enough about it! He said the course is sold too cheap and worth every penny.
Bill Guerra aka Bill in Vegas
Full Time Investor
Las Vegas, NV

To sum it up, this full time investor votes for Hyre's material hands down. Get it, you won't go wrong.
William Tingle
Macon, Georgia

You have a great product there….It means that my budding business will start out on the right foot, and stay on firm ground. I didn't know a whole lot about general accounting principles, but now that I've been reading, I know that I'll survive anything [the IRS] can throw at me. Thanks a million.
Robert Spalding
Littleton, Colorado

John sent me an advance copy and it is FANTASTIC - it plugs one of the biggest holes every new investor stumbles across - setting up your books, so your CPA can get you maximum deductions. Even if you do not want to keep your own books, or do not have the capacity to keep your own books, John helps you get it right by giving you a resource that will turn an "average" bookkeeper into a real estate bookkeeper.
Sherman Ragland

My hat is off to John Hyre for creating a bookkeeping course that not only saves time and money but is also easy to use. There are few people on this earth who detest accounting more than I. This course walked me through the bookkeeping process with step-by-step instructions on just how to make the entries into QuickBooks. It was pain free.
Tony Colella
Asheville, North Carolina

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