Making Money With Partners
by Wendy Patton

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What kind of garden could you grow if you had to hand-carry water, a Dixie cup at a time? But what kind of garden could you grow if you could pump an endless supply of water from the Mississippi River?That's the difference between using your own money to invest in real estate, and harnessing the power of other peoples' money.The truth is, all investors should be using other peoples' money to fund their deals! Here’s why:When you're new to investing, you simply don’t have the resources to fund your deals. Sure, you can try to get a bank loan; but that takes time, includes big fees, and requires you to have good credit.When you're an experienced investor, you may be worth a million bucks. Still, you realize that you could be doing so many more deals if you could fund them all.There's another, hidden benefit to having unlimited funds for your deals: You do better deals. Let's say you’re in a competitive market, bidding against other people for good properties. If the next guy has to wait 30-60 days to get his bank loan lined up, and you can walk in and confidently make your offer TODAY...who do you suppose will look like the pro, and get the deal? Plus, when you can say to the seller "We can close immediately", you can then add "...but I'll need you to come down on the price." You have negotiating strength.That's why Wendy's "Working With Partners" system is so important to your success! Wendy does the work FOR YOU, to find your money partners! How? You’ll get a proven, effective PowerPoint presentation to share with a prospective money partner. Don't bother to figure out the right way to approach a partner. Let Wendy's presentation explain why the partner should bring in the money to do a deal, and how the partnership would work.This system also includes 3 operating agreements for LLCs (limited liability companies). The operating agreement is the expensive part of developing an LLC. Wendy has done so many LLCs and partnerships with others, that she asked her attorney to give her the file that she now will share with you. This would cost you big bucks to get on your own!There are 3 valuable operating agreements in this system:1. A One-Party LLC: This is the operating agreement if you are not partnered with another individual. You should consult with an attorney and CPA in your area to determine which entity is best for you; however, most real estate investors use this LLC to hold their properties. 2. A Two-Party LLC: This agreement is for a money partner and you as the investor. The partnership presentation will assist you in explaining the partnership agreement to a potential money partner.3. A Two-Party LLC to Partner With Wendy: Use this agreement if you want to partner with Wendy on a deal in your area. For her half of the partnership, she will walk you through a deal from start to finish. She will help you with every aspect of the deal. When you partner with Wendy, she will split the deal with you, and give you the cost of her course—or money spent on her system—out of her half of the deal when it closes. This is how you can get her entire system for free! On any of the agreements above, you will still need to reserve your name through your state, and get a corporate number through the IRS. Still, these agreements will save you the majority of the expense in starting your own LLC. Of course, check with your state to find out about any additional requirements, as well as the fees to set up your LLC. This system comes with a booklet and data CD, containing all the contracts and forms Wendy uses, plus the PowerPoint partnership presentation. (You need Microsoft PowerPoint to modify or print the presentation included in this system.)Other investors stay up nights, worrying if they’ll get the money they need to do deals. Get this system and watch how easy it is to attract all the money you need to meet your real estate goals.
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