Wealth Building LLC
by Darius Barazandeh

The Most Detailed Product Available for Setting up, Running, Saving Taxes and Reducing Risk with LLC's! Includes All 50 States and D.C.!

Stop Giving Away Thousands of Dollars in Lost Tax Savings!
Stop Risking Your Personal Assets in Business!

My name is Darius M. Barazandeh, I am a licensed attorney...but don't let that scare you off! Really...I am here to help! Taxes and lawsuits can make it impossible to acquire wealth. I have spent years educating people on time tested real estate investing and wealth protection methods. I do offer 'real world' information that is down-to-earth, easy-to-understand and legally precise. My greatest happiness comes from using my knowledge to benefit others. I want to help and support you! Before you create an LLC, let's review a few important issues:

Why Create an LLC?

FACT: Most Small Business Owners Will Pay 45% or More of Their Earnings in Taxes!

Unless You Understand How to Properly Use An LLC...You Are Throwing Your Money Away!

A Properly Created and Managed LLC Can:
  • Ensure Personal Liability Protection - If you own a business, real estate rentals, commercial property, a retail store, or other 'risky' assets 'in your own name' then personal assets including your savings, car, home (in some states), and personal property ARE AT RISK! If you create an LLC you can protect personal assets from creditors and attorneys. DID YOU KNOW: There are 24 (Twenty Four) mistakes which LLC owners frequently make that destroy this protection. Do you know how to avoid them?

  • Provide Unequaled Protection of Owner's Shares - LLC's can offer unequaled protection of company ownership interests from creditors. If structured correctly this shield can even surpass the protection of corporations! DID YOU KNOW: Many LLC owners never receive this protection because their LLC is structured incorrectly from day one!

  • Ensure Tax Savings and Greater Tax Choices - The owner of an unincorporated business will pay as much as 45% of their earnings in taxes! The LLC can provide significant tax flexibility and savings. DID YOU KNOW: Without proper education, on tax choices the LLC's flexibility will create confusion and lead to dangerous tax traps!

  • Enhance the Legitimacy of Your Business and Reduce Audit Risk - Sole proprietors are audited 5 to 10 times more frequently than LLC's and corporations.
As an Attorney I See Several Risks Which Destroy the Effectiveness of Most LLCs:

Risk # 1: LLC's are being touted by many attorneys and accountants as low maintenance! When you create an LLC...this is only the FIRST STEP! We detail 24 mistakes that if made, destroy LLC protections! Can you identify these mistakes? Wouldn't you rather know what to WATCH for now?

Risk # 2: The LLC is the 'newest' business entity. All LLC owners must fully understand how the LLC works and how to stay up-to-date with changing rules and laws.

THE TRUTH: You must EARN LLC asset protection. If you don't learn these steps yourself, then its doubtful that anyone else will do it for you. Ignore these details and you may face wide-open, 100% liability for your business activities!

Risk # 3: While an attorney or service can create an LLC, in our research 95% of business owners are left with a stack of papers and little instruction!

THE TRUTH: Rarely is full instruction given on how to maximize tax savings, properly determine the most effective tax treatment, set up proper membership restrictions, properly characterize membership rights, determine when meetings should be held, reserve the proper state protections and maintain 'rock solid' formalities! Most people who contact an attorney or accountant can't have a real two-sided discussion!

After all, its nearly impossible to ask the right questions and comprehend all your of options unless you fully understand the choices and variations available. Of course most attorneys and accountants are glad to help you with very specific matters of your LLC, BUT at hourly rates of $150 to $200 per hour...this can get very expensive! Very few people can afford to have their attorney or accountant hold their hand through every detail on how to o-r-g-a-n-i-z-e, r-u-n and m-a-n-a-g-e their LLC.

As a result, most people conduct their business and make decisions without proper instruction!

TAKE CONTROL: Imagine owning a reference guide that you can pull out, use and then get back to business! Now imagine trying to piece together all the answers yourself. Mistakes = lost revenue and liability.

Ask This Question: How Many Hours ($$) Would it Take for Your Attorney or Your Accountant to Create the Forms and Instruct You On:
  • The proper documentation and steps required to avoid the 24 common mistakes that frequently destroy LLC protection (includes real world examples, required forms and easy-to-follow instructions)

  • The complete steps required to form an LLC in any state (forms, web links, state-by-state rules, traps all provided with easy-to-follow steps)

  • Priceless instruction on avoiding disastrous LLC personal liability clauses and the states where this risk is present!

  • The 11 steps that should always be completed within 30 days of forming the LLC (includes detailed instruction and forms)

  • Full discussion of all LLC taxation choices including: pass-through tax status, partnership-style taxation, taxation under Subchapter S, and taxation under Subchapter C (includes detailed real world explanations of the benefits and disadvantages of each type!)

  • The 6 key differences between LLC taxation under Subchapter S and Subchapter K taxation. This information could save you thousands of dollars (includes real world examples, situations and the bottom-line effect on your profits)

  • The rules associated with using a Subchapter S election with your LLC, and the steps to avoid tax traps (includes required forms and the often forgotten steps required to minimize risks)

  • The 3 things you must know about foreign LLC's and domestic LLC's

  • A real life example of when an out-of-state LLC presents an advantage for your business

  • The 4 truths that you must know about Nevada LLC's that Nevada promoters rarely tell you!

  • The 5 advantages of Delaware LLC's and when to consider a Delaware LLC!

  • The current rules and risk surrounding single member LLC's! This information could save you thousands of dollars

  • Detailed Instruction on the nuances of Member-Managed LLC's and Manager-Managed LLC's (includes detailed real world explanations of voting, management risks, issues, and the benefits and disadvantages of each management type

  • Understanding the most important document for your LLC: the Operating Agreement

  • The 43 key areas that must be included in any operating agreement (includes 3 sample operating agreements and full line-by-line CD audio explanations and instructions)

  • How to determine if the operating agreement provided by your attorney or incorporation service provides full protection for you! (full audio discussion and explanations are included)

  • Full line-by-line audio review of Operating Agreements for your Member-Managed LLC Taxed Under Subchapter S, Manager-Managed LLC Taxed Under Subchapter K, and the Member-Managed LLC Taxed Under Subchapter K.

  • The key situations when indemnity rules should be used (includes clauses and detailed discussion on when to apply)

  • Ste-by-step instruction on how to hold the first meeting of the LLC (includes complete forms, documents with written and audio instructions)

  • Detailed instructions and required forms to allow your LLC to amortize its start-up expenses!

  • What your attorney may forget to tell you about: spousal consent forms (includes spousal consent forms and full descriptions of why they are critical for your LLC)

  • The 7 tasks that must be completed within one month of creating your LLC (includes detailed step-by-step instruction on completing these key tasks and required forms)

  • The 3 tasks that every LLC must do each year after organizing (includes detailed step-by-step instruction on completing these tasks and required forms)

  • Why every LLC must have a Buyback Agreement (includes sample clauses, forms and full audio discussion)

  • The 3 reasons your LLC cannot neglect meetings! (don't believe everything you hear about LLC meetings...here is the truth!)

  • Taxation issues, allocation rules, passive loss limitations, and more!

  • Understanding passive loss limitations (includes discussion of I.R.C. Section 469)

  • A simple description of asset types and deductions! (finally understand your accountant!)

  • Using the common business deductions and avoiding tax traps (includes discussion of home office deductions, meals and entertainment, automobile deductions, travel and meal deductions and more!)

  • Priceless instruction from Mr. Barazandeh on how to select a CPA compatible for your business and needs! This information could save you thousands of dollars

  • Simple and practical steps to handle your LLC bookkeeping and accounting records!

  • Utilizing employees (includes full discussion of "dangerous interview topics", background checks, required LLC resolutions, salary increases, I-9 and immigration issues, payroll taxes, workers compensation issues, and more.

  • How to avoid the dangerous independent contractor trap! (includes detailed instruction, checklists, and forms) This information could save you thousands of dollars!

  • Understanding LLC health insurance deductions and other available benefits!

  • Maximizing the role of insurance in owner negligence cases (a "little known" truth that many attorneys forget to explain to their clients - real estate investors and store owners must review this section!)

  • How to avoid personal liability in real estate transactions and landlording (be wary of owner repairs and improvements)

  • Review of appropriate controls that most LLC owners neglect to their detriment

  • Detailed instruction on avoiding conflicts of interest (includes all forms and instructions needed to handle such a situation)

  • How to handle interested officer and member transactions (the suggested forms and instructions required)

  • Duties of LLC officers and how to ensure proper decision-making

  • Full discussion of business types, taxation issues and liability risks for real estate investors (includes detailed instruction, comparisons and real world effects on your bottom line)

  • Includes full discussion of emerging LLC trends: the Series LLC, the Family LLC and C-Corporation tax treatment for LLC's

  • And much, much, more!
I believe in keeping things simple and non-complex. Many people complain that even after talking with their CPA they don't fully understand their tax choices. I will show you the real world effect each LLC tax choice has on your bottom line. I don't believe in useless theory, so I will demonstrate how each choice can effect your profits - plain and simple, easy-to-follow and with plenty of examples. Students always tell me, "my accountant could never explain this to me...it finally makes sense now!".

I don't believe in fluff or "one size fits all" solutions...so you won't find them here. This is a fully detailed system and includes state exceptions and variations, up-to-date legal decisions, LLC court cases, IRS rulings, full explanations of tax decisions and state law summaries. Best of all this system is easy to understand and explains all topics, concerns, choices and situations in simple and clear language...not lawyer talk.

Why Did We Develop This System?

A Common Problem Exists: No matter where I travel, I find that most owners of small to mid-sized LLCs are confused about their tax choices, daily obligations, LLC formalities and more! As a result, many folks don't worry about their LLC protection...until they need it!

Ask yourself:
Have you mastered all of the steps above?
Did you receive instruction on all of these items?

Let's Be Honest: If you are unsure about how to maintain LLC protection, then how can you be sure your LLC will protect you? Its crystal clear from LLC court decisions that simply filing your LLC paperwork does not result in full protection. Don't compromise your LLC protection!

Order Today and Receive:

The Wealth Building LLC™ Manual - A 295 page easy-to-follow complete manual that details LLC formation, specific exceptions for your state, key tasks to complete after the first 30 days and year, step-by-step details on LLC meetings, tax decisions, asset protection and liability reduction techniques, specific instructions for real estate investors, and more!

Detailed State Corporate Law Summaries for All 50 States and the District of Columbia - Includes state law summaries, state-by-state exceptions, a list of required LLC records, and other key information for your state. Also includes links and contact information.

The Wealth Building LLC Audio Discussion and Instruction - Includes the most detailed and easy-to-follow audio instruction ever produced for LLC's. Includes step-by-step instruction on LLC formation, steps to complete within the first 30 days and year of formation, member's rights, meeting rules, management choices, a line-by-line review of all LLC operating agreements and more!

Warmest Regards,

Darius M. Barazandeh, President
Attorney at Law / M.B.A.
Only $249.99!

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I have found Darius Barazandeh’s system The Wealth Building LLC an absolute must-have system for every real estate investor and small business owner. Darius walks you through creating, running, and ‘bullet proofing’ an LLC with such detail that trying to get a fraction of this training from your attorney would COST AT LEAST $10,000. He also covers tax strategies that can amount to $1,000’s OF DOLLARS IN TAX SAVINGS! Being a national speaker and author of three real estate courses myself, I’ve seen many educational materials and I must say this one ranks in the top 5 of all time!
Scott Rister

I have reviewed the Wealth Building LLC. I think the package is excellent.
Keith Gardner
Newark, DE

I'm just so impressed as I keep going through the Wealth Building LLC. I'm very visual, so I love your text part- but you covered the ground for all types of learners! You have audio, visual, and multimedia! Oh, yeah, I watched the DVD...it was so great because you had a real example to emphasize the importance. I just think so many people would greatly benefit from your course!
Keiko Takimoto-Makarczyk

Congratulations on such a complete and easy-to-follow system. As a CPA, I know that business owners rarely receive the level of detailed instruction you provide in these materials. It could easily cost thousands of dollars to obtain a fraction of this education from your accountant or attorney.
Doug Rutherford
Certified Public Accountant

I have finished reviewing the Wealth Building LLC Course and I found it the most informative, comprehensive and complete course for setting up an LLC I have ever read. All my questions have been answered. I consider it an excellent work.
Gerasimos Artinos

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