Making Money with Short Sales - Advanced Training Course
by D.C. Fowler

"Would You Like to Learn Everything There is
to Know About Short Sales and How to Apply
this Knowledge to Earn Huge Profits

Earn $20,000-$40,000
Profit On Your Next Deal

Discover how both newbie and seasoned investors are dominating their markets by doing short sales and creating profitable real estate deals that are typically overlooked by the average investor.

Were you aware that the most creative and profitable real estate investing strategy known today is the Short Sale? That's right, this powerful technique allows you to acquire real estate for up to 40% below market value with No Money Down and gives you the opportunity to create instant profit & equity on every deal! How does earning $20,000, $30,000, $40,000... or more in profit for every short sale that you close sound? What if you could put your hands on a step-by-step program to help you reach this goal?

Imagine how better your quality of life would be if you had a proven roadmap to help turn your real estate investing and financial dreams into reality. If you are committed to becoming a successful real estate investor and desire to earn huge profits fast, you are in the right place. In the next few moments we will uncover exactly what short sales are and how you can profit immediately from this amazing real estate investing strategy. You'll also have an opportunity to read some awesome testimonials from a few of my students. If you've been studying real estate courses, going to seminars, and doing all the "right things" but success has still eluded you, it's probably not your fault. It's simply because you were never really taught the "how to's" of the business.

What Is A Short Sale?

In a nutshell, a short sale is when a bank accepts a discounted or a lower payoff than the actual mortgage and considers this amount as "paid in full". Many investors are making huge profits buying real estate using the short sale technique and you can too.

Here's how it works. Let's say that a homeowner facing foreclosure currently owes $75,000 on an $80,000 mortgage and he/she is also 3 months behind on his/her mortgage payment. Let's also assume that the property is worth $95,000, you as an investor make a short sale offer to the lender of $55,000 as the new payoff amount. If the bank accepts your offer you will have the opportunity to acquire the property for $55,000, therefore creating $40,000 in profit for yourself out of thin air.

You now have two options...

Option #1 - Add it to your real estate portfolio and earn huge income each month in cash flow by renting the house.

Option #2 - Sell it for a quick profit!

Above Example:
$95,000 (FMV of Property) - $55,000 (Purchase Price) = $40,0000 (Net Profit After Short Sale)

Whether you are a seasoned pro or just getting started, one of the biggest challenges you will encounter as a real estate investor will be finding deals with lots of equity. 9 out of 10 houses that you come across will have no equity at all. Not only are great deals becoming few and far between, the ones that do remain are often gobbled up by savvy investors with deep pockets. However, if you learn the short sale techniques that I teach the door to unlimited income opportunities in real estate will be opened immediately!

Why Would A Bank Accept A Short Sale?

For the simple fact that banks do not want to own real estate. They are in the mortgage business not the property management or resale business. Anytime that a lender is forced to foreclose on a property not only do they incur costly legal fees but they also take back a problem loan which effects their overall business infrastructure.

Bottom Line... Lenders Hate Foreclosures!

Lending institutions realize that the best way to "put a dent" in this never ending problem is to negotiate and accept short sale offers from investors like yourself.
Did You Know?

That due to increased interest rates and higher mortgage payments, many homeowners are losing their homes to foreclosure and many more are falling behind on their payments? As of April of 2007 the amount of foreclosures reached 169,891 nationwide. What this means is that there is an amazing opportunity for the investor who knows how to acquire these properties using the short sale technique. In most cases banks will accept a short sale instead of foreclosing on the property. If you are equipped with the proper tools and system, negotiating a short sale will come with ease.

There are hundreds if not thousands of homeowners in your area each month that would allow you to take their property on a short sale rather than go through a foreclosure. Most homeowners know that a foreclosure will cause additional damage to their credit rating and eliminate the possibility of being able to buy another home in the near future. I've had hundreds of investors acquire investment property using the short sale techniques that I teach. These same techniques are available to you as well.

Making Money with Short Sales™ makes it possible for you to buy real estate and earn huge profits without much risk or money out of your pocket. Your next short sale can be closed in 30-45 days with the right tools and system to guide you. This course provides you with those tools needed to get started immediately.

Here's A Snapshot Of What You Will Learn

  • How to dominate your foreclosure market and gain a competitive edge on other investors in your area.

  • How to have your phone ringing constantly with motivated sellers.

  • How to present the short sale to the homeowner.

  • How to negotiate the short sale with the lender. Learn what and what not to say.

  • How to make these deals happen with no cash out of your pocket.

  • How to close your next short sale in 30-45 days.
Don't be fooled by other programs! You don't need additional information, you need a plan and a system to follow. You have found that system here! A short sale is the most creative and effective way to purchase property well below market value and make huge profits in a short period of time. Don't waste anymore time! My easy to follow course will show you exactly how to complete a short sale. You can begin today.
Here's A More Extensive Look At What You Will Learn

  • How to execute a successful short sale. Learn to avoid the common mistakes made by inexperienced investors.

  • How to properly fill out all of the paperwork.

  • How to put together a winning short sale package to present to the lender.

  • How to properly fill out a net to seller form for an effective short sale.

  • How to effectively communicate with the homeowner and lender so that you come off as a Pro even if you are just getting started.

  • What you will need to get started...Preparation is key! I've outlined every necessary item.

  • How to locate and determine a great deal. Hint, you will not find it by looking in the paper or internet.

  • How to put together a profitable exit strategy.

  • How to find buyers, renters, and lease purchasers for your property.

  • A detailed step-by-step formula that you can start implementing right now.

  • How to create as much as $40,000 in equity from just 1 property.

  • How to turn that equity into cash!!!

  • How to duplicate this system over and over.

  • Most of all, from top to bottom - An A thru Z explanation of short sale investing that you can begin implementing today ...all of the guess work has been eliminated!
Don't Spend Thousands of Dollars on Seminars
or Hundreds of Dollars on Overpriced Information

Did you know that the average cost on the internet for short sale investing education is roughly $979.13? My program is priced much lower because I want to make it affordable for you to become a short sale pro! Everything that you need to succeed is included in this course. Plus, it's specially priced for a fraction of what you would pay elsewhere. So there's really no excuse not to get started today. If you really want a step-by-step real estate investing program then you are making the right decision. Making Money with Short Sales™ will teach you how to build wealth by investing in pre-foreclosures and distressed property.

You'll Also Learn

  • The reason why short sale investing will unlock the door to opportunities that other investors will overlook.

  • How to avoid wasting time on deals that will not yield the profit worthy of a short sale negotiation. Short Sales are big money deals! You'll learn how not to cheat yourself.
The most important things you must do before you go out and attempt a short sale. Ignore these items and your purchase will just be another course taking up space on your shelf. Follow the steps in the course and you'll close many profitable deals.

  • How to gain the trust of the homeowner and the respect of the loss mitigations representative. Learn how to make them a part of your team.

  • How to influence the BPO and help control the amount the bank is willing to discount the mortgage. Just think how powerful this this can be!

  • Why Making Money with Short Sales™ will be the only tool you'll need to own in order to dominate your foreclosure market.

  • A real step-by-step short sale course that will provide you with a vehicle to achieve your dreams! (Only a handful of people ever reach their goals and those who do never share their secrets.)

  • How to keep your funnel full of deals. You will enjoy the luxury of actually creating a real estate investing "machine" instead of just closing a deal here and there.

  • Learn why some investors almost always make money. It's not magic but
    successful investors understand the importance of following a proven system.

  • How you can become a short sale expert whether you are a beginner or a seasoned real estate investing vet. You do not have to be a real estate agent to do short sales.
It doesn't matter whether you are a new investor or a seasoned pro, this course is for you!

Become A Short Sale Pro!

You've probably purchased other real estate courses before and you're probably wondering "What's so different about Making Money with Short Sales?" The answer is that many courses are based on theory and not actual experience. This course was developed from over 15 years of short sale experience. You see, many courses give you the "what" but are missing the "how to". Others require almost superhuman effort to achieve their promises. Not to mention superhuman "pockets".

Plus 3 Limited Bonus Offers!

Also included when you order Making Money with Short Sales™ are 2 valuable bonus CD's. These bonuses are worth the price alone. You will not find these FREE bonuses offered with any other short sale course.

Limited Bonus CD #1 - All of the Required Short Sale Legal Forms & Documents

Order now and receive the latest forms and documents needed to close your short sale. You will receive a sales contract, net to seller form, mortgage information release form, disclosure agreement, property profile sheet, quit claim deed, warranty deed, foreclosure letter, offer letter, and more. We are even throwing in a HUD-1. Valued at $199.00

Limited Bonus CD #2 - Valuable $30,000 Short Sale Package Guide

Order today and receive a copy of an actual $30,000 successful short sale that was completed by following our step-by-step program. What better tool to help guide you through your own short sale? Just think about how easy it will be to fill out your own paperwork. This short sale package was submitted to and accepted by a well known lender. You will be able to use this package as a blueprint to close your next deal! Unlimited Value!

Limited Bonus #3 - Free Shipping and Handling: ($25 Value) - Free shipping and handling on all course materials and bonuses.

My Problem, Your Bargain

Most of the people who have bought my course are delighted to have received such great information at a surprisingly low cost. Guess what? Your deal is even better! You won't be charged what others are paying elsewhere for similar short sale programs. No way. Your cost is substantially less than any other comparable course on the market. So you'll want to snag Making Money with Short Sales™ while you can.

Prove It To Yourself!

Here's the deal, just say yes and I'll rush my Making Money with Short Sales™ program to you immediately. Take 60 days to review the course. If you are not happy send it back! Quick, Easy, and Worth Every Penny... Making Money with Short Sales™ is a detailed course that will put you in the position to create an unimaginable future in a very short period of time. But this sweet deal won't last for long. If you really want to be a successful real estate investor this course will get you there in a jiffy. In less than two minutes from now, your course can be on its way to you. I look forward to hearing your success stories in the near future. See You At The Top.
Only 495.00!

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