Get the Deed
by Wendy Patton

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Many sellers are looking to sell their home(s), but their market is soft, and they need a solution. Other sellers are in pre-foreclosure and need a way out. Subject Tos are a great way to purchase properties without using any of your own money. Sometimes sellers will PAY YOU to take their deed! Interesting? Read on.Discover how to buy properties without using any extra money or credit. It seems unbelievable that some people will give you the deed to their home without you having to get a mortgage. Some people will even pay you cash to take their deed! A subject to is when the seller gives you the deed to their home but leaves their mortgage in place for you to make the payments. There is no qualifying for the loan and many sellers today will do this with you. One of the best and least known techniques revealed by the Nation’s Leading Expert – Wendy Patton.This course will show you how to find sellers that need to get out from under their mortgage payments. Some of the sellers are in trouble and while others are not. Wendy shows you how to determine the difference and how to structure the deals accordingly. While other investors are writing checks and putting their own money at risk you will be keeping all of your cash in your pocket, using a piece of paper instead (the deed)!In this course you will learn:

  • How to negotiate with the seller to give you their deed.

  • What to say to the seller when they ask questions or bring up objections.

  • How to determine the profitability of a deal and then structure your offer around it.

  • When you learn Wendy’s secrets, you will be cashing huge checks at your bank, sometimes when you get the deed.

Wendy takes you through the entire step-by-step approach of how to do these profitable transactions. She has a checklist so you won’t forget anything. She has also included audio CDs that help you fill out the forms and complete your transaction with ease.Her training is complete and step-by-step. In Wendy’s Subject To course you will:

  • Learn tested and proven methods which will attract sellers like bees to honey.

  • Have all the paperwork to buy on a “subject to”.

  • Learn when to do a “subject tos” vs. a lease option.

Here is what is included:Three CDs:

  • Putting It All Together: The Ins and Outs of Structuring the Deal (1 CDs): details on how to fill out all of the forms in the course.

  • Interview with Attorney John Hyre – Wendy and John discuss subject tos and what to do and not do to make them the most profitable deals possible. John shares his insight on the whole “due on sale” debate. They discuss why it is not an issue and how to protect yourself.

  • Forms Disc – all the forms in Microsoft Word and Excel so you can download and tailor fit to your specific deal.

All of her legal contracts are translated into real English. Wendy will walk you through every single piece of paperwork that you need, and make you into a junior attorney! Students say, “Now I actually understand real estate paperwork – for the first time ever!”Also included:

  • Profitability Worksheet with complete instructions -- the Excel spreadsheet Wendy uses to figure out how to calculate profit for each deal.

  • Bank Authorization, purchase agreement, warranty deed and other letters and forms.

Plus she includes applicable articles, useful examples and real life samples.Her reputation and experience is the best in the industry.As a bonus you will also receive her book: Investing in Real Estate with Lease Options and Subject Tos. This book is a MUST for everyone interested in lease options and subject tos. It is a guide to her courses and strategies. Wendy will cut years off your learning curve. Over the last 23 years Wendy’s systems have been tweaked and perfected in the world that really matters - the Real World. All you have to do is USE them!What are you waiting for? Start today with Wendy’s proven system!For the Best Value look at Wendy’s Real Estate Wealth Building Arsenal!
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This fall I bought a subject to and the seller paid ME $50,000 to take the deed! I rented it out to a corporate executive on a 3 year lease and have $250 month cash flow on the rent. My husband couldn’t believe I would ask the seller for $50,000 and the deed, but I did and they agreed to pay it.
Kathy Persha
Birmingham, MI