Mobile Home Park Bootcamp
by Dave Reynolds and Frank Rolfe

Mobile Home Park Bootcamp
"Immersion in Reality"

Dave Reynolds and Frank Rolfe

Over 30 Hours Of Training and Networking!

Are you ready to learn the "Reality" of the Mobile Home Park Business? Learn the Mobile Home Park Investment Strategies that the Experts know.

We Teach The TRUTH, Not The Hype!

These are time tested, and proven with real life experience. Our experience has led us to the conclusion that Mobile Home Parks are one of the best investment properties out there and especially during a recession, if done properly. We have broken down and analyzed every detail of the industry and exposed what works and what doesn't.

At Our Mobile Home Park Boot Camp You Will Learn:

  • How to find Mobile Home Parks to Buy

  • How Frank and Dave Find Parks to Buy

  • Actual Phone Call Scripts

  • Copies of Letters and Postcards

  • How to Stay on Brokers "Hotlist"

  • How to Get Referrals

  • How to Flip Deals or Get Paid Referrals on Deals

  • How to Buy and Sell Mobile Homes

  • Where to buy them from

  • How to repair them

  • How to tear them down

  • How to set them up

  • How to structure the sale

  • Actual Contracts and Forms

  • How to do Proper Due Diligence

  • Copy of our Due Diligence Manual

  • What issues will Kill the Deal

  • What issues can be Worked Through

  • Detailed look at every Infrastructure Problem

  • When to Renegotiate

  • How to Manage a Mobile Home Park

  • How to Find a Manager

  • How to Manage a Manager

  • How to motivate them and pay them

  • How to operate "Hands On"

  • How to operate from 2,000 miles away

  • Mobile Home Park Purchase Contracts

  • What you must have in Every Contract

  • How to protect your Earnest Money

  • Lease Options

  • Seller Financing

  • Assignability

  • Filling Vacant Lots

  • 15 Ways to Get a New Resident

  • The Best Places to Advertise

  • How to Motivate Dealers

  • How to work with Home Investors

  • How to Keep the Residents you Have

  • Why you Won't Develop a New Park

  • Real Life in the Field Training

  • Touring Several Mobile Home Parks via Automobile and on Foot - 1 star to 5 star

  • Meeting with the Owners of these Parks and Managers

  • Check out a Mobile Home Renovation Project

  • See what Private Utilities Look Like and How they Run

  • I am sure we are missing something... you will have to be there to see it.

  • Everything You Need to Know to Succeed!

  • How to Flip Parks to Build Cash

  • How to Create Steady Cash Flow in MHP's

  • All the Forms you Need

  • How to Run a Park from 1,000 Miles Away

  • Real Life Experience - Not a Best Guess

  • Ongoing Live Support Every Week

  • How to Find Deals and Negotiate Price and Terms

  • Access to Deals the Day the Event is Over



  • 24 Hours of CD's on How to Buy, Sell, Operate and Turnaround a Park

  • An Additional 24 Hours on CD Covering Specific Topics

  • A copy of all the forms and contracts that we use

  • 2 Quick Deal Reviews that you can use at any time over the next 2 Years

    Our Home Study Course is not like anything you have ever listened to or read before. We do not fill it with a bunch of fluff on how you are going to make a million bucks with no money down. We tell you the whole story... the good, the bad, and the sometimes ugly.


    Access to our all new advanced forum where Frank and I will answer questions, post mobile home parks that don't hit the website and have potential as well as a place for only our Bootcamp Attendees to network, share ideas, partner up, and share deals.



    Instead of learning from your Mistakes... why not avoid making them in the first place?

    "Does this mobile home park actually make as much money as the owner has reported it does? Is the owner cooking the books?"

    "How do I check on the water lines or sewer lines?"

    "How do I check on the market?"

    "What questions should I ask the seller? The city? The electrician?"

    "What about all those Park Owned Mobile Homes?"

    "Am I missing something?"

    "What will I do if (fill in the blank)?"

    "I wish there was someone else that could help me...this stinks!"

    "We have covered it all in this manual."

    "Instead of learning from your Mistakes... why not avoid making them in the first place?"

    So, Let Us Ask You...

    "Do you want to invest in the right Mobile Home Park and not regret it later?"

    "Do you know how to determine if the park is a "Deal" or "No Deal"?"

    "Are you sure you have not missed something?"

    "Are you ready to get some advice from an unbiased and experienced third party?"

    Included in this manual is a day by day schedule that will help you plot your strategy and schedule everything in the most cost effective manner.

    That is over $1,500 worth of products & services to those that attend the bootcamp! This is all included at no extra charge. We want you to leave with every tool you could possibly need to go out and buy a park, operate it, increase the value, and sell it when you are ready.

    Our Goal is Simple:

    We show you how to invest wisely in mobile home parks and more importantly tell you what to avoid so you don't risk your entire investment!

    Learn the real life business of finding, negotiating, performing due diligence, buying, operating, turning around, trouble shooting and selling mobile home parks, including the insider secrets and tricks to making money in this extremely important commercial real estate niche.

    Mobile home park investing offers real cap rates of 10-20%, and cash on cash returns of 15% to 30%+. However, the business is much more complicated than it appears. To buy mobile home parks successfully, you have to know what makes a good deal, and how to negotiate it aggressively and make the right steps to maximize your return.

    We have saved many people from making the same mistakes that we have made over the years and this is just as important!

    We were tired of all the late night real estate seminars, educational materials and advice out there that is wrong, not based on experience or worse, a get rich quick scheme.

    So, we decided to create our own bootcamp to distribute "Real", valid information based on experience.

    Come Join Frank and Dave for 3 days of mobile home park information overload. When you come to our boot camp you can be assured that it will be 100% information and 0% sales pitch.

    The investment for this bootcamp is $3,000.00 for 1 person and $4,000.00 for 2 people. Additional group prices are available.

    We are limiting this boot camp to no more than 30 mobile home park investors.

Only One Ticket - $3000.00; Two Tickets - $4000.00!

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