RV Park and Campground Investment Home Study Course
by Dave Reynolds and Frank Rolfe

The Most Complete & Realistic RV Park and Campground Investment Home Study Course!

How RV Parks Are A Better Investment Than Single Family Homes - And A Whole Lot More Fun, Too!

When most people think of investing in real estate, they always think of single-family homes. Since most of us own a house, we feel like we have a pretty good handle on evaluating them and spotting a winner from a loser. But the problem is that everyone thinks that! As a result, you have so many people chasing houses that there is no profit in any of them.

A different avenue to consider is buying an RV park. It's such an exotic niche that few people ever learn or think about it.
A Complete Business In A Box!

Buying an RV park is like buying a business. As a result, the revenue and income allows you to consider making it your career. Unlike a single-family home, which is traditionally a hobby, an RV park requires a skill set that often leads it to become a day job - or at least a lucrative part-time job.

Each RV lot in an RV park has about the same revenue as a $50,000 single family rent house. So a 100 space RV park is like owning 100 single-family houses at one time. It would take most home investors at least a decade to amass such a portfolio, and a mountain of time and expense. But you can do that in one RV park transaction. And with the greater scale comes greater cash flow.
Our Goal Is Simple:

We Show You How To Invest Wisely In RV Parks And Campgrounds; And More Importantly Tell You What To Avoid So You Don't Risk Your Entire Investment!


18 CD's and a PDF Download of the Transcripts

  • How to Buy an RV Park

  • How to Sell an RV Park

  • How to Operate an RV Park

  • How to Turnaround an RV Park

  • PDF Download of the Transcripts of these CD's that you can follow along with as you listen - 575 pages!

    The 300+ Page RV Park Investment Manual

  • Over 300 Pages on Buying, Selling, Operating, Managing, and Turning Around RV Parks and Campgrounds

  • All of our Forms and Contracts to Buy and Operate an RV Park

    The 200+ Page Due Diligence Manual - "30 Days of Due Diligence"

  • A must before you ever buy an RV Park or Campground - the items in this manual will help you avoid mistakes and potentially save you hundreds of thousands of dollars!

  • Over 200 Pages on evaluating and performing the due diligence on your potential RV Park Investment.

  • Includes; some extra forms and spreadsheets that will walk you through the 30 Days of Diligence.

    Bonus 1: All of our forms and contracts to Buy and Operate RV Parks

    Also, includes a business plan and loan package that you can use to get your banker to say "Yes".

    Bonus 2: Two Free Quick Deal Reviews; NORMALLY $199.00!

    This is where Frank or Dave will take a look a deal that you have under contract and provide you with their thoughts on the deal.

    Bonus 3: Free Access to our Weekly Mentoring Hour for 1 Full Year!

    Because we always want to OVER-DELIVER you will also receive access to our weekly mentoring hour. Frank or Dave or Both of us will be on the phone answering questions or talking about new things happening in the Mobile Home and RV Park Industry. Again, this is FREE with the Home Study Course. You can ask any question or talk about deals.

    If you compare this course to any of the other books, courses, manuals, or products out there, we would have to charge more than $1,500.00.

    However, since our goal is to provide valuable information and make it affordable, you have everything that you will need to purchase your first RV Park or Campground or turn around an existing one.

    90-Day Money Back Guarantee!
    If you're not completely satisfied with the RV Park and Campground Investment Home Study Course for any reason, simply return it in resalable condition and I will immediately refund your invested money in its entirety - no questions asked!
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