Phil Pustejovsky

Is Buying A Foreclosure A Good Idea For Investors?
by Phil Pustejovsky

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Phil Pustejovsky is known as one of the nations leading experts in short sales. After graduating from Vanderbilt University with a degree in mechanical engineering, Phil chose to focus on the limitless world of real estate investing instead of accepting a safe, corporate job. With the help of his great mentor, Tom, Phil has personally negotiated short sales on $45,000,000 in residential real estate over the past decade. He also acquired a large portfolio of properties using conventional financing, "subject to" and lease purchase option techniques. Phil is now ranked as one of America's top undisputed short sale experts.

With all the demands of coaching students and speaking across the country, Phil spends time each day personally investing in real estate and negotiating short sales. According to Phil, "remaining an active investor makes me a better coach and, short sale deals are highly profitable. His commitment to leading by example shows by continuing to invest alongside his students.

Phil Pustejovsky coaches students all across the country to financial freedom. In the past 2 years alone, Phil and his students have a combined profit, literally cash in hand, in the millions of dollars from short sales.

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