Darin Garman

How Often To Inspect Apartment Property AFTER You Own It
by Darin Garman

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Darin Garman is an investor, apartment and commercial property owner, author and commercial real estate coach and broker going on 20 years.

Darin is the author of the popular "9 Month Investment" as well as "The Affluent Investors Guide To High Profit Real Estate Investing" and "The Insiders Guide To Apartment Property Investing". Darin has also co-authored a number of books of which two with business guru Dan Kennedy, "Wealth Attraction For Entrepreneurs" and "Walking With The Wise For Entrepreneurs".

Darin operates four real estate related businesses out of his office and home office and frequently makes guests appearances on radio talk shows and TV news programs related to investment real estate.

Darin Garman is active in the lives of his family and coaches or attends more athletic activities in a week than one can count. Darin Garman's favorite "hobby" is to spend time with friends and family at his home in Lake Okoboji.

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