Mike Nelson

How To Estimate The After Repair Value (ARV)
by Mike Nelson

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Mike Nelson, is originally from Philadelphia, PA. Mike "The Professor" Nelson has built his empire from the ground up, investing in real estate and teaching hundreds of others to make a living doing the same.

Since Mike's graduation from Virginia State University with a BS in Business Management, Mike Nelson worked full time in a Fortune 500 company before deciding to take a risk and go into business for himself. Armed with limited funds and his business partner, Darrin Smith, Mike slowly started experimenting in real estate wholesaling.

Fast-forward two years, a dozen mistakes, and hundreds of success stories later, Mike "The Professor" Nelson co-founded Smith & Nelson Properties, LLC, a company that manages real estate in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia tri-state area.

Mike Nelson has enjoyed such success from Smith & Nelson Properties; he now mentors other wholesalers and blogs about his experience on their Wholesaling Houses 101 site. "The Professor" also wrote and published a wholesaling guide in 2012. Mike Nelson currently lives and flips houses in Richmond, VA with his son.

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