10 Questions Every Dave Ramsey Fan Should Ask of Their Realtor

Dave Ramsey was right on target when he stated that “not all real estate agents are the same”. It should definitely be a hiring process to choose the right person (fit) for “what is probably the single largest financial investment you will ever make.”

I was asked these same questions as a TX broker almost 2 years ago. Here were my answers.

1) What makes you different? Why should I list my home with you? I am a real estate broker. I have experience in negotiating creative real estate including loan mods, short sales, note purchases, owner financing, subject to, options, etc.

2) What is your company’s reputation and track record in the market place? We are a boutique operation specializing in a specific price point (200k-750k) in North and Northwest Austin.

3) What are your marketing plans and programs for my home? What things do you do that are the same and differ from other agents to get my home sold in the least amount of time with the least hassle and for the most money? Internet is key. 83% of buyers find the house of their “dreams” on the internet. Your listing goes on 50+ websites that I will give you the names of. We use text message marketing to capture interested buyers. When they text for the listing flyer to come into their phone, I get their phone number to track them and at the very least get them through your house. This beats the traditional paper fliers, as 100 of them will disappear and you will probably have gotten only 1-2 phone calls.

4) What have you and your company sold in my area? We live and breath in your area and have been for 8+ years. In fact, my son was at school at Laura Bush Elementary when it opened and she actually came in person to dedicate the school. We now live minutes away at Anderson Mill and 620, just seconds away. We are experts in your area.

5) Does your broker control your advertising? I am the broker, and yes, I make the decisions with advertising.

6) On average, when your listings sell, how close is the selling price to the asking price? On average, we are at 97% of list price for sales price.

7) On average, how long does it take from your listing to sell? That all depends on if my seller does everything I tell them to. Pricing and condition of the home are the most important. If they listen, then I sell under 30 days.

8) How many buyers are you currently working with? What system do you have for attracting buyers? I am currently working with 5-7 buyers right now. We use text message marketing to attract potential buyers without Realtors, and most of our clients come from referrals from past clients. Internet is key as well with the use of blogging, realbird.com, social media and ezine articles of value written.

9) Do you have a reference list of clients I could contact? Absolutely. We are an open book and that is available upon request.

10) What happens if I am not happy with the job you are doing to get my house sold? Are there penalties to me, the seller? For every listing agreement I take, I include an easy exit strategy of written notice and dissolution of contract within 48 hours from there. I also reserve the right to cancel the listing agreement as well if the seller is not cooperative. The last thing I want is negative publicity. Bad news travels 10 times faster than good.

I am an out of town owner and would like to know what you will do to take care of my house so it will show well? Because I live so close, it is very convenient for me to show and I have a team of landscapers, a make ready crew and a general contractor to step in at anytime as well.

For the record, this potential client heard was referred to me by an entire Wachovia bank branch staff. I’m doing something right!

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