Testimonials for REIClub

The website articles were excellent reading and easy to follow - just what you're looking for in a real estate investing website. Good Job!

John-Sherree Preston

Thanks for publishing, updating, and promoting your Real Estate Investments Clubs & Association directory. It gets results! My REIA gets many new members who have found us through this directory. Local REIA's make better investors, which helps everyone!

Brian Bundesen

Ann Arbor, Michigan

I really appreciate the information this online Real Estate Club is providing.

Henry Brooks

New York

Keep up the good work - your new weekly update format is GREAT!

James Harris

Your updates keep me in the loop. Thanks so much!

Tyrone Bryant

Upper Marlboro, Maryland

I am a disabled veteran who buys tax deed properties. As a subscriber to your site, I just wanted you to know, it is such a pleasure to watch your real estate investing training videos.

Michael S.

Palm Harbor, Florida

What a GREAT SITE for investors- Thank you!

Azariah C.

Thank you for all your YouTube training videos. I'm learning alot from them. I preparing to rent out my first property and your site was helpful in me getting started out. Thank you.

Mark Craig

Hello! I really like your articles and videos so so much! I am just learning so getting information from specialists in certain areas of investing helps me solve some of my investing problems & frustrations. I look forward to your weekly emails.


I would like to report that your investing videos are amazing! I especially like the one on Mobile Home Park Investing by Peter Harris.

George Jackson

Excellent customer service. Great company to work with. No hassle, always a friendly person to speak with!


I just want to say that I LOVE REICLUB.COM. IT IS A GREAT SITE! There are other real estate investing sites out there but I will never leave this one. Thank you man!

Daryle Webb

Thanks so much for all this real estate investing information - never have I received so much valuable infomation for free. Wish your club was closer. Thanks again!

Janet Crunk

When I first started in the real estate investing business REIClub.com was the place where I learned tips and tricks to wholesaling, assignments and the overall real estate investing business. Now I only bring buyers and sellers together and I have never been happier. I even got rid of my Real Estate Agent License. Thanks for all the great real estate investing information!

Tracy McCarthy

I had an issue with a R.E. Investing Company, which I quickly realized was not for me. Because I knew about them through REIClub.com, I found it to be legitimate. Anyway, I was unable to get hold of the right person to get back my refund, and it was frustrating. In comes REIClub (Ms. Erica Carter, Customer Service Manager) to the rescue. In less than an hour...all issues resolved!!! REIClub is the most legitimate R.E.I educational companyon the web... insightful and helpful. I will always feel secure in their products and services... Thanks REIClub!

Joe Rosa

I have seen and watch many of your clips and videos. They are all highly informative real estate investing topics and very intesresting. You assist people like me around the world with them and guarantee their success through your experties.
Thanks so much!

Tatyana S.

You guys run a top notch real estate investing site. I am happy to contribute and be a part of your Facebook Fan Page.

Ryan DeGennaro

Houston, Texas

I always use your site for real estate investing information and enjoy the content you provide. You guys were the ones to help me get started in real estate investing back in 2010 and I still use REIClub.com for reference material.

David Nelson

Chicago, Illinois

THANK YOU REIClub.com for doing what you do! I'm here to tell you that educating yourself and being willing to spend time and money on real estate education will pay off. REIClub.com only requires TIME and it's FREE!

PJ Hankins

Muncie, Indiana

I am thankful that everyone at REIClub.com follows up with a callback and email when you call the office! Appreciate you guys getting me the information that I needed on Master Lease Options Investing.

Ron Deeper


My mom just passed away a couple of weeks ago, so the home is now vacant. I just watched your "Protect Vacant Properties" video and found it was extremely helpful with for my real estate property situation.


Ms Erica, WOW, I am truly impressed! I was just hoping you could light a fire under those people. Maybe motivate them a bit. Here you went and got everything handled. You guys have a loyal customer in me. I really am impressed!

Ken Nider


I watch the REIClub real estate investing training Videos and I love it !!!

Vickie Rand

Los Angeles, California

REIClub Is Awesome!I've learned more in One week than any Guru Program available. I will recommend this site to all. Keep the good stuff coming. Thank you so much from a now well-informed investor.

Anthony Thomas

Plam Beach County, Florida

Just wanted to drop a line and say Great info. US new real estate investors really are grateful that someone like you is putting solid info out there. Thanks so much, take care and keep it up 🙂

Tony McNair


I use your web site quite often. Lots of good information on real estate investing. Keep up the good work.

David Leidy

Andover, New Jersey

I wanted to take a moment today and thank everyone out here who has contributed to this *HUGE* wealth of knowledge. I have only been out here a week or so, but I have soaked in so much information that has been spot on accurate, and not full of a lot of BS.

I've spent considerable time in the articles section every evening this week and haven't come close to finding this quality of information any where else. HUGE thanks from a novice here to all the experienced folks.

Also a shout out to kelle711, from REIClub Investing Forums, who has been kind enough to converse with me privately on some stuff. Thank you thank you thank you, sincerely.


Thank you so much for "The 20 Creative Ways to Finance a Deal" Real Estate Blog Post. Now I have some fantastic ideas. I enjoy your articles so much :))

Annette Jackson

I truly appreciate REIClub with all of the education that REIClub shares with the whole Real Estate Investing community year in and year out. Thank you REIClub.com

Tony Davis

Houston, Texas

After visiting like 9 million websites, attending various seminars, reading e-books from so many claiming to be guru's that just want to sell you their products - None, Zero come close to sharing content like REIClub.com. You Go Frank Chen !!!!!

Greg Hernandez

Southern California

I've just recently become interested in investing in real estate and am overwhelmed by the different areas in which to invest. Luckily, I came across the REIClub.com, saw some of their articles and videos and joined REIClub Pro. I must say their large choice of articles has helped me to narrow down my areas of interest. We all get SO many emails and videos from people who are selling THEIR product.

I feel confident in investigating the emails and videos from REIClub.com & REIClub Pro, since I feel they are only promoting ones they feel genuinely beneficial. I have heard about the money to be made in the Self Storage program and recently bought that.It looks great! Also really enjoyed the article on how to wholesale real estate!Thanks REIClub!

Jeanne Hillman

Tulsa, Oklahoma

I'm honored to be a part of the Best Real Estate Investing Blog Contest. I got my start in real estate investing using the REIClub.com forums and I'm blown away by the fact that the site is now recognizing my blog as an "up and coming" blog. Thanks again!

Scott Costello

I love the Private Lending Webinar the best so far. It was a great teacher who made Private Lending really attractive to me and opened my eyes with the best training for serious investment seekers. I wish I could visit your office!

Anne Chen

Northern California

I am just getting started in investing. Recently, I just acquired my second two unit. Thanks for all the useful advice that you give on a daily basis.

Andrej Gifford

I was employed by Northwest Airlines for 40yrs. In those 40yrs I never sold one aircraft...I sold service. I am one to recognize 'quality service'. Again, thank you.

Sharon Z

Customer service at REI was great! I made a purchase and did not keep the purchase but still the service for the return was very good. When folks do what they say they are going to do that goes a long way.

Anthony Porreca

Your customer service department was very knowledgeable and helpful. Very user friendly. Thank you.

James Greathouse

REIClub is the only "go to" website for Real Estate investors to obtain the most reliable and current information.

World Wealth Builders

Thank you for this informative webinar. What a terrific tool to add to the "tool box" of knowledge for people who plan to buy or flip investment property. Thank you!

Cheryl Flynn

You have a great website full of excellent resources for all levels of investors. Thanks a million!

Ed Dwyer

St Pete Beach, Florida

It's been a great few months for our real estate investment company. We have been wholesaling and rehabing deals and want to say we love this Site - it's pretty awesome for investors!

Jason Stackhouse

Coatesville, Pennsylvania

Thank you so much for your help, the bank resolved the issue. You were prompt and professional. I have been praying for a while for someone, anyone, with honesty and integrity, to help me as a newbie in the real estate game. There are so many shady characters out there on the web, when I was double billed, I thought I had been misled again. I was distraught because it wiped out my whole account (I had to borrow the money just to buy that product in the first place). I can honestly tell you that the way you responded, REIClub has a customer for life!! Erica you are the BEST!!!


I always appreciate your wonderful services. Seriously, you are the best when it comes to customer service.



My name is Casey Cavell and I got my first experience with real estate on your website a few years back. I have read all of the articles and bought a few products from your company. I want to thank you very much for all the help your company has delivered to me.

Casey Cavell


I signed up for this site a year or two ago. I want to say thanks for the great information here. I looked at it slightly then but sort of forgot/lost interest in real estate for awhile. Well,now I am into this again and now really see how much good information is on here.

Shane Y.

I find REIClub to be one of the best resources for all topics on real estate. You really have to look no further. Be it zoning codes, whatever--it's here! First class thank you REIClub.

G. Wayne Cooper

I run a Cash Flow Club and I recommend REIClub to everyone I know. I think you guys have an awesome website with tons of valuable information.

Chuck M.


Excellent customer service. Great company to work with. No hassle, always a friendly person to speak with!

Joe K.

REICLub is a great source for net working with like minded investors. It also provides a great deal of information to work with. Thank you REICLub.

Emmett H.

This is my home page. Your site has everything any level of Investor/Mentor/Consultant and Marketer would need. Thank you for the Newsletters and Network.


I just have to say what a wonderful resource REIClub.com is and what FANTASTIC customer service I received from Erica at REIClub!!! I recently placed an order and had delivery problems. Erica assisted with the process - calling, emailing, and staying with me until I had my order in hand. I am certainly hooked on such exceptional customer service and will be making many more purchases through this website and sending all of my friends who are interested in real estate to the site!

Kim in Las Vegas

It's hard to get off the computer at night while reading your articles on many topics. You would pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars to get this same help at seminars. What a great site and I appreciate all who share their lessons learned!



Thank you for your wonderful site and seminars. I am a beginner and I am very appreciative of the information I have gained already from your site. Although I have not started investing yet, I plan to do so in the not-so-far-off future.

Sandra Robinson

I just wanted to drop you a line letting you know how much I appreciate this website. I am a beginning investor and was very frustrated in beginning my career but finding this website has been a "Blessing from God" to me. I feel more confident in myself by being able to talk to other investors and locate deals from east to west coast, easy and efficiently. This has been a great blessing to me and I have only been a member for about 2 weeks. thank you so much for all you do. I have informed all my investor friends about this site. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help this site out in any way. Have a great day, REICLUB.com.

Derrick Taylor

Even though I live in Australia the resources and the advice contained on this mega site are incredibly useful and powerful. As I am an agent who assists private sellers I truly appreciate the valuable information found within the pages of the REIClub.

Andrew Blachut

Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia

I have found information on your site that cannot be found anywhere else - and the clubs are a great feature.


London, United Kingdom

I want to thank you for keeping my spirits on RE investing. I am less than two weeks away from my brokers license. I want to say my brokerage firm will be investing within my community to help families continue to enjoy rebuilding their credit. I love the website and I will look forward to adding my testimonial about my first purchase in 2007.

Arkeatha Hawkins

I love your site! I have learned more from your site than from some courses I invested in. Keep up the good work!!


Raleigh, North Carolina

When I first found out about this site, I had to be careful because it is soooo much information you can find yourself on here for hours. Thank you so much for this "one of a kind" great site.



I Just love your site it is so full of information and advice. Truly a Godsend. This is a seminar in itself. I refer tons of newbies to your site. It is the true 101 Learning Vehicle.

J. Gaines

Dallas, Texas

A Great Real Estate Investing Community. Well Done.

Wallace Hobbs

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I just got back into investing and was directed to your site. What a gift this was! I have already gained knowledge and found information that I will use everyday! Thanks so much!


Carroll, Ohio

The Most Comprehensive Real Estate Information Informational Site.

Parsa Sepahi

Littleton, Colorado

I've been flipping homes for 8 years now and got started with Carleton Sheets (I've been, and continue to be,on his national infomercial since 1999). The info contained in your site is awesome. I read everything I can get my hands on and I've been reading your site for 2 days now! Totally complete and easy to understand. Thanks!

Yes You Can Investments Inc

Southwest Virginia

I have been reading your site for two hours now. It's Great!!! I have never seen so much information packed into one site. IT's UNBELIEVABLE!! I stumbled onto your site looking for information on short sales and WHAT A FIND!!

Stephanie Johnson

Deptford, New Jersey

Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy the ever-expansive tools and ideas that you offer at REIClub and how I am like a kid in a candy store whenever I visit your site.

I told one friend to tie a rope around my waist so he can pull me away from the computer whenever I'm at your site cause there is so much information, some times I find myself there for hours!

So, please keep up the good work! Your information helps not only to inform me but, mainly inspires me.......and it sets my motivation and gives me a positive mindset to go out there and make it happen!

Thank you!!!! Keep the emails coming on updates as I look forward to them!

Alan Michael Grella

Las Vegas, Nevada

Thank you for helping me enrich my life, too. Participating in the forums, sharing my experiences, and learning from others at the same time has allowed me to evolve beyond the one-dimensional investor that I had been before discovering the wealth of experience and expertise that is freely shared in online real estate forums such as this one.

David E. Toelkes

Pawleys Island, South Carolina

This is without question the best real estate related website I have seen. It is very user friendly, easy to navigate, and well organized. The forums and articles are a wealth of information. I have seen so many questions asked, and to see the experienced investors answering them is what makes this site better than any other site out there.

In the future, as I gain experience, I hope I can help people as others have helped me. Just reading the articles and forums has given me more information than I thought possible. I personally thank Tim, and all of the people who participate in helping others better themselves. This is a great website, and it is great because of the people.



If you're interested in learning more about real estate investing clubs, however, the REIClub.com site with its state-by-state listing of nearly 300 real estate investing clubs is a good place to start. (9/10/04 CNN Money article)

Walter Updegrave

I'm just starting out in real estate and have searched a lot of sites to learn about the inside and none of those sites are as good as this one is. Most other sites just want to sell you something. I understand you have to give to receive, but some people - all they want is to receive.

I'm working now with a investor and he's the one that told me about REICLUB.COM, thanks Ed, this is one of the best sites. I'm happy with the posts and learn a lot with REIClub, everyone knows what they're doing and if they don't, they go look for the right answer just to help.

Thank you all for REIClub, you guys are the best.


New Jersey

"Pound-for-pound", I consider REIClub to be the most informative real estate website on the internet. The combination of articles, products, prices, and support are the best I've seen, and I surf the web almost daily.

Jerry Samuels

Oakland, California

What a resource! I can always count on the Board to answer any question. I am continually impressed with the depth and breadth of knowledge displayed on this Board... keep up the great work!

Roger Enriquez

San Antonio, Texas

I just wanted to let you know that your website and emails especially have helped me in many ways with my investing future. I am currently reading up on and informing myself with the basics of real estate, and am forming a plan to buy my first properties within a year. Thanks, and keep 'em coming.

Bob Koby

Poland, Ohio

...it helped me get my goals together and because of the club I've found three great deals...

Ted Stokely, Jr.

Austin, Texas

...just going through the site, looking at the information on the site and having my questions answered in such a professional manner and such a caring manner, I really do understand a lot more...

William M. Woods

Hammond, Indiana

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