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Are you a real estate investor who is looking to purchase properties quickly?

Proof of funds letters are an essential part of the real estate investment process. By having a proof of funds letter in hand, you can show potential sellers that you have the financial resources to buy their property and do it quickly. This will give you an edge over other investors and increase your chances of securing the deal.

The team at Cogo Capital can help you get a proof of funds letter quickly and easily. It only takes 5 minutes and can be done all online. They have extensive experience in the real estate industry and have helped thousands of Real Estate investors fund their Real Estate transactions.

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Hard Money Proof of Funds FAQs

What is a Proof of Funds Letter?

A Proof of Funds Letter is a document that verifies a person or entity should be able to secure the funding for a real estate purchase. You should include a proof of funds letter with every offer you make. This lets the seller know you have the money available to buy a property, so it strengthens your offer. Proof of Funds Letters are important whether you're buying a rental property, wholesaling a house, or buying using creative finance.

How Do You Get a Proof of Funds Letter?

Fill out the form below and we'll generate your Hard Money Proof of Funds Letter in PDF form immediately. Be assured, your proof of funds letter is backed by one of the nation's biggest private money lenders. Unlike other online Proof of Funds Letter sites, someone will pick up the phone if someone calls to verify your actual Proof of Funds. We will email your Proof of Funds Letter in PDF format that you can forward to the seller or their real estate agent.

Can I Use a Free Proof of Funds Letter?

It is not recommended that you use a free proof of funds template you find on the internet. A falsified proof of funds letter is very likely to get you into legal trouble, it could even be seen as a fraud. You should get your proof of funds letters from a reputable bank or hard money lender like we do.

How Long Is a Proof of Funds Letter Good For?

It depends on your situation and the agents you are working with. Our Proof of Funds Letters are valid for 30 days but once your offer is submitted, most real estate agents will honor them beyond expiration. If you need one for Canadian immigration please contact your bank.

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Why have we partnered with Cogo Capital for your instant Proof of Funds Letter?

With funds at the ready, Cogo Capital is happy to offer proof of funds letters to real estate investors. Cogo Capital issues proof of funds for current borrowers, as well as other investors that are serious about closing on a properties using Cogo Capital to help fund their deals. We know you need to move quickly and we can issue the document within minutes of your request!

Proof of Funds Letter Benefits

  •  24/7 Proof of Funds Availability for Real Estate Investors
  •  Verification of Funds When You Need It
  •  Shows you are a Serious Investor
  •  Make offers confidently & get properties under contract fast

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