Lex Levinrad

15 Best Searches For Deal Properties Online
by Lex Levinrad

15 Best Online Property Deal Searches

Students, investors, associates and friends favorite question that comes up in dinner conversation is “Lex, How Do You Find Properties”

We buy properties from sellers via direct mail marketing, mailing letters, billboards, bandit signs, lead capture pages, our website, seller websites, foreclosure websites, Google Pay Per Click, Facebook Advertising and many other mediums.

>>>>>  But by far the easiest way to search for properties is online.  <<<<<

When I have a few minutes to spare before a meeting a webinar or a conference call I will often pop on to one of the online real estate websites looking for a property that would be a good deal to make an offer on.

So to answer my most commonly asked questions I put together a quick list showing you some of the sites that I frequent on a daily basis while searching for properties.

This list is not all inclusive. These are some of the bigger more well know sites.


  1. www.Realtor.com
  2. www.Trulia.com
  3. www.Zillow.com
  4. www.treasury.gov/auctions/treasury/rp/
  5. www.Homesearch.com
  6. www.HudHomestore.com
  7. www.Hubzu.com
  8. www.Homepath.com
  9. www.Homesteps.com
  10. www.Auction.com
  11. www.bid4assets.com
  12. www.Realtybid.com
  13. www.HudsonandMarshall.com
  14. www.williamsauction.com
  15. www.Homefinder.com

Be prepared, do your research and then move forward if the property makes sense, fits your long term goals and you know and have a clearly defined exit strategy. Use my 7 Tips for Investing In Distressed Real Estate to help you with your due diligence and research and then be ready to take action. Take your time, do your research and make sure your numbers work.

Best of Investing Luck!

Lex Levinrad
Lex Levinrad has been a full time distressed real estate investor since 2003. He has been involved in buying, rehabbing, wholesaling, renting, and selling hundreds of houses in South Florida.

Lex is the founder and CEO of the Distressed Real Estate Institute, which trains beginning distressed real estate investors about how to find wholesale real estate deals. He specializes in buying foreclosures and bank owned REO homes and offers private mentoring, bus tours, boot camps and home study courses for real estate investors.

Lex Levinrad is an accomplished national public speaker and has shared the stage with some of the countries best real estate speakers. Lex Levinrad has authored numerous books about real estate and is also the the founder of the Distressed Real Estate Investors Association (DREIA) and the co-founder of the Port St Lucie Real Estate Investors Association (PSLREIA).

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