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3 Fundamental Seller-Call Principles
by Cody Sperber

Working with Sellers Objections Real Estate Investing

You want to take your investing game to another level, right? You want to go for broke. I know you do! But the only way to change the game, grow your business and make more money is to stay in control of your destiny and your financial future.

To do so, you need to be cool and calm when talking with Sellers so you can land deal after deal – and that’s done by following a script and applying 3 fundamental seller-call principles.

But here’s the kicker…

You need to follow scripts and use them as a guide (which gets easier over time), but you need to deliver those scripts like you’re talking from the heart, from your gut… without a script.

Can you do it?

Absolutely! It just takes practice, confidence and a strong passion for what you do.

Plus, I’m going to share with you those 3 uber-important principles you need to implement when speaking with motivated sellers to help you get closer to a close. These are so valuable and useful!

If you’ve got all three, you’re three steps ahead. So, I’m going to briefly touch on the script before we dive into the critical principles.

Building Rapport with Sellers

You’ve got to read from your script but sound natural. If your delivery sounds rehearsed or insincere in any way, you lose instant credibility and integrity in the eyes of your seller.

So you’ve got to deliver your script in a way that suggests you’re the best at what you do. You need to sound super-smart and passionate about helping your sellers relieve their property stress.

Make sellers feel (not just think) that they want to do business with you. It’s called rapport building, which most of you should know you know what I’m talking about. But recognize here and now that phone calls with your sellers are no exception to the rapport-building rules.

3 Fundamental Seller-Call Principles of Phone Closings

Most of your deals start on the phone. That first phone call with a seller is their first impression, so you’ve got to nail it if you want the deals.

It’s that simple.

To help with this process, I’m going to cover 3 essential principles for dealing with sellers over fhe phone.

Principle #1: Tonal Patterns

The first principle you’re going to master is tonality and your “tonal patterns.”

So what is tonality, exactly?

It’s the pitch of your voice, the emphasis your place on certain words and the softness or loudness of your voice when you’re experiencing an emotion. So you need to learn how and when to use tonality and tonal patterns in your telphone voice to show that you’re excited, enthusiastic, concerned – the list goes on and on.

A pause, for example, is powerful

It can be interpreted as intense emotion on your part, but it also allows for your sellers to process and think – when you want them to. And that’s the key.

What about a whisper? Super-strong use of tonality!

So use this and other means of tonality to drive home certain words or points in your script.

Remember, you’re in control here. You elicit the responses you want by using tonality effectively. Practice will make perfect.

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Principle #2: Pacing & Leading

When I say “pacing,” I’m really talking about truisms. You express truisms all the time but probably don’t realize it. A truism is simply a stated fact – a reiteration of the truth.

Like this:

“John, you invited me here today because you want me to help you sell your property.”

Repeating true statements will help you pace your seller and keep him or her on track. Pacing is a way to stay in your sellers’ head and make them think about the future.

It helps them visualize YOU helping them bridge the gap between them wanting to sell NOW....and sold.

I strongly suggest getting into a rhythm with your sellers where you pace, pace then lead. Continue to follow that pattern and watch how the psychology behind this principle helps to guide sellers down the road you want them to travel.

Principle #3: Body Language

Dealing with Sellers Investing Tips

I can’t even express how important this one is. It sets the stage for your seller conversation. Do your own experiment with this one…

Lie down on your bed, slouch in a chair or rest your chin in your hand while you talk, then ask yourself how you sounded on the phone. Better yet, record yourself!

I’ll tell you how you sounded

You sounded tired, bored, bothered and all around sucky!

Before you speak into that phone, I want you to stand up, walk around, push your shoulders back, ramp up your energy level and act like you mean it, people! I want you to put a huge smile on your face when you introduce yourself, and keep it there as long as it’s appropriate during your conversation.

Remember, you are selling the vision of yourself to your sellers. They can’t see you, but they’re going to envision what you look like. So make them think you’re the most educated, enthusiastic, experienced and helpful investor out there by setting the stage with strong body language. Check 

Mirror Your Seller’s Phone Personality

Look, it’s okay to tone it down if your seller is the shy, quiet talker type. On the contrary, if the personality on the line is animated and loud, go for broke!

Mirror your seller’s phone personality, but always (and I mean always) follow the 3 principles we just covered. Be aware of your tonality, follow the pace and lead formula and make your body language speak (in an awesome) way.

These 3 Fundamental Seller-Call Principles will be a tremendous help for dealing with motivated sellers and working with distress property owners to get a real estate deal under contract. 

Cody Sperber
As a veteran of the armed forces (NAVY), Cody learned that ethics, honor, and commitment can tell a lot about a person. After being released with an honorary discharge, he attended ASU, receiving a degree in Finance (Magna Cum Laude). Cody then received his real estate license 3 years after he first began investing in real estate because he was tired of working with horrible Realtors that were just trying to make a quick commission.

Cody began focusing on different strategies to help clients Avoid Foreclosure. Cody worked with underwater owners arranging short sales. This led to the development of his Reverse Short Sale Secret. Cody continues to buy and sell millions of dollars worth of real estate every year. In addition he has created a series of free real estate investor training tools for new investors.

Cody trains and mentors a handful of dedicated investors. When it comes to succeeding in real estate investing, Cody grows daily and helps others to do the same. Cody breaks the silence on methodologies that have launched successful real estate investing careers. He explains the top four ways to amass real wealth using real estate whether you are a new or a seasoned investor. His approach is sound and his presentation is clear and concise.

Cody Sperber is recognized as one of the young guns of real estate investing. He thrives on encouraging and educating fellow investors. Cody Sperber's philosophy is to give you all you need to be successful before he ever requires anything on your part more than the commitment to learn.

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