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5 Simple Ways Of Locating Vacant Home Owners
by Cameron Dunlap

One of the most profitable, low-risk and uncompetitive real estate opportunities out there right now is in vacant houses - they defintely fall squarely under the "distressed property" & "distressed seller" categories.

Though potentially very profitable, vacant houses can be difficult to find. After finding a vacant home worth investing in, you’ll still have to find the property owner so that you can make them an offer. The difficulty in finding vacant houses and vacant home owners has caused many investors to avoid investing in them at all. This means more deals for you.

There are several different traditional ways to locate a property owner. Here is a list of traditional and more widely used methods of locating vacant home owners:

Distressed Property Vacant Houses Investing


Visit Neighbors

Most likely the neighbors aren’t happy with the fact that there is a vacant property in their neighborhood. Vacant properties can be breeding grounds for vandals and squatters, and if left unmaintained, can be quite the eye sore. Not only might a property like that put their personal safety at risk, it can also devalue their own property. Feel free to ask the neighbors about the property and details about the whereabouts of the owner.

Assessor’s Office

The Assessor’s Office may be able to give you more information on where tax statements are sent and if the property owner has any other properties. If available, they may be able to give you the home owner’s name as well.

Recorder’s Office

If you know the home owner’s name, you can use that to find any documents signed by the home owner to see if they own any other property. You may also find marriage licenses and voting records which can contain information such as birth date, SSN, employment history or other addresses.

Send a Post Card or Letter

This is one of the most traditional ways to locate a vacant home owner. Send a post card or letter to the vacant property with the words “Do Not Forward – Address Correction Requested” on it. If the Post Office has a forwarding address on file for that home owner, the mail piece will be returned to you with the forwarding address listed.

Leave a Note

In some rare cases the property owner will return, so leave a big bold yellow note on the door stating you want to buy that property. If the property is close enough to the road, make the note large enough that passerby’s can see it. They may contact the property owner for you.

Vacant House Real Estate Investing

Vacant properties are among the most profitable investment in real estate. Why is this? These properties are difficult to locate and the property owners can be difficult to find. While your competitors are spending countless hours finding vacant properties and owners you’ll have access to the resources you need to easily both. For more information on how to find vacant properties, and to learn more about Vacant House Real Estate Investing:

How To Make Money Finding Vacant Houses

5 Steps For Quickly Turning Abandoned Property Into Paychecks

Cameron Dunlap
After working in his father's printing business for many years Cameron Dunlap moved on to corporate America where he quickly established himself as one of his company's fastest rising stars in sales. But there was a problem. Because of his entrepreneurial background, Cam was just not satisfied with someone else deciding his fate and shaping his destiny. So it wasn't long before he quit and jumped head first into the exciting and extremely lucrative business of Creative Real Estate Investing.

Within his first two years in the business he amassed millions of dollars of residential and apartment complex properties in addition to buying and selling many other properties for quick cash profits. He is known as the "Transaction Technician" because of his skill in utilizing most every creative technique in purchasing and selling real estate which has and continues to make him a fortune.

It wasn't long before he began sharing his passion with others. He got his start teaching in 1995 and to date has shared his strategies with tens of thousands of good folks like you.

Once again, he's established himself as a rising star within his field. He's shared the stage with superstars like Carleton Sheets, Dennis Waitley, Ron LeGrand, Mark Victor Hansen and more. Cam has become well known for his ability to teach the art of real estate investing in terms all that attend his seminars or study his course materials, can understand and begin profiting from immediately. His presentations will rivet you to your seat and leave you armed with the tools to make a fortune in real estate.

Today, with the support of his wife and daughter and the help of his staff, Cam continues to invest in real estate full time, teach his techniques all over the US, and run several other very successful companies. Cameron Dunlap defines the entrepreneurial spirit every day and truly enjoys the fruits of his success.

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