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6 International Property Picks For Less Than $100,000
by Ronan McMahon

Today, we're going to look at what you can buy on a $100,000 real estate budget in Latin America. As an American International Investor, that might seem like not a very big budget. But it goes a very long way in some locations. In fact, it will buy you a condo in a colonial city or an ocean-view home - if you know where to look. That's were I come in, my experience investing in the states and in Latin America, for some years now, helps me to identify great real estate deals with from an investor's eye.

Read on to find out just what you can get for $100,000, or less in the Latin America real estate market.

Pick #1. Pacific Riviera, Nicaragua. Ocean View Lot: $75,000

This coast is stunning. It's a mix of sheer cliffs, unspoiled sandy beaches, crashing surf and rocky outcrops.

This lot is in the premier community on this Pacific coast. It's established. It's already got a clubhouse, restaurant and pool, grocery store, equestrian center and organic kitchen garden.

You'll enjoy exploring the community's 2,700 acres of rolling hills and forest. And you'll love its five beautiful beaches where you can swim, surf, sunbathe and unwind. This ocean-view lot is close to one of those five beaches. It's priced at $75,000.

Pick #2. Salinas, Ecuador. House: $79,000

Salinas is a fun resort city on Ecuador's southern Pacific coast. But it's not just a resort city - it's full of year-round amenities, too. It's got supermarkets, a large produce and seafood market, restaurants and cafes, a movie theater, banks, clinics and hardware stores. And it's home to a small but growing group of expats.

This 1,400-square-foot house is only two blocks from a very nice beach in Salinas. It's well-maintained, with three bedrooms and an open-plan layout.

International Investing Term: Expats, refer to a person temporarily or permanently residing in a country and culture other than that of the person's upbringing.

Pick #3. Cuenca, Ecuador. Condo: $84,900

Always Always take the time to visit a property if you can prior to purchasingThe city of Cuenca sits in Ecuador's southern highlands. It's a pretty location, with perfect weather - warm and sunny by day and cool at night.

The city hosts 200 cultural events a year, including opera, jazz and film festivals. And it's regularly voted the world's top retirement destination. Yet it's still very affordable. This two-bed two-bath condo comes with a private garden with views over the city.

International Investing Tip: Take the time to visit a property if you can prior to purchasing or use an International Title Company.

Pick #4. Jama, Ecuador. Condo: $87,600

Ecuador's north Pacific coast is unspoiled and undeveloped. It's also undervalued - for now. A new road is opening this coast up to tourists and property buyers and we're already seeing prices start to rise.

In this small beachfront community, you can buy a condo for $87,600. You'll see the ocean and feel the ocean breeze from your condo. And it's only a short stroll to the beach in the photo.

International Investing Tip: You should always inquire about future developments and infrastructure changes. It will directly effect the value of your investment.

Pick #5. Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic. Condo: $75,000
Las Terrenas is the perfect beach spot. You'll find gorgeous beaches, bright blue seas and plenty of coconut palms. But you'll also find gourmet restaurants, friendly bars, a French bakery, an ice-cream store and even a Turkish sauna in this cute little town.

This one-bed one-bath condo is centrally-located, in a complex with a pool. It's close to shopping, restaurants, cafes and pretty beaches. It's priced attractively for a new condo in this location.

International Investing Tip: Investigate your tax liabilities. Tax on rental income varies widely in Latin America, from zero in some Caribbean tax havens, to 30% in Costa Rica. Find out if you can offset some overhead against that tax in the form of deductions. Find out if there are any other taxes-wealth tax, or luxury tax, or school tax-that apply to you.

Pick #6. Arenal, Costa Rica. House: $95,000

Arenal is pretty as a picture: a lush landscape of mountains, lakes, volcanoes and forests.

You'll find good food, a great outdoors lifestyle and an active expat community here - and some exciting real estate deals.

This newly-remodeled two-bed one-bath home comes with an additional two-bed cottage. The price has just been reduced to $95,000.

International Investing Tip: Remember, always perform due diligence and hire a local attorney & realtor familiar with the area where you are investing abroad.

International Property For Less Than $100,000

So, you see as an American Real Estate Investor, you can expand your real estate portfolio to include Latin America investments and these six international property picks prove that a $100,000 budget will go a long way.

Ronan McMahon
A finance graduate, Ronan McMahon worked in the e-business consultancy and dot-com industries before joining International Living as Real Estate Marketing Director in January 2004. Ronan has been an active real estate investor since his early twenties and joining International Living gave him the opportunity to marry his personal and professional interests. Last year Ronan took up the position of Executive Director with Pathfinder.

Pathfinder is International Living's preferred Real Estate advertising partner. Pathfinder scouts the globe to find the most unique and value-oriented real estate opportunities.

Ronan writes International Living's Real Estate Trend Alert and regularly contributes to International Living's print and online publications. Ronan has travelled to 15 countries in the past 12 months alone following real estate trends with the potential for profit. Instinct, experience and an unrivalled black book of contacts give Ronan McMahon access to the inside track to unique profit opportunities.

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