Tim Randle

7 Must Have Tools For Real Estate Investors
by Tim Randle

As a real estate investor trying to build a growing real estate investing business, there are certain tools that make that task much easier. I want to cover some of those tools and resources with you today.


1. Carrot 

Having a presence and building your real estate brand online is no longer “nice to have”, it’s an absolute requirement. The vast majority will always check you out online before even reaching out to contact you, so it’s imperative you have a solid, legitimate representation of you and your investment business on the web.

Carrot provides real estate investor websites with lead generation built right in.

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2. FreedomVoice

Your real estate business has to generate a large number of leads to be successful and to continue to generate deals. You must be able to easily sift and sort these leads and also be able to provide additional information about your properties, your business, etc. without having to personally handle every lead.

FreedomVoice offers investors the benefits of a full-fledged internet-based business phone system that you can set up in minutes and easily manage on your phone.

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3. Aweber

Another excellent way to manage incoming real estate leads is through the use of an email management system, that allows you to set up autoresponders, segment your lead lists, and easily manage email marketing.

Aweber offers professional email marketing templates and numerous automation tools to make it easier to manage your real estate leads.

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4. Dropbox 

Dropbox offers free accounts with up to 2 GB of storage so you can store and share videos, pictures, and large files online. Many phones have built-in integrations with Dropbox making it easy to upload and share documents and images that real estate investors deal with every day. 

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5. Clear Now 

Real estate investing often means being a landlord and one of the less pleasant functions of being a landlord is collecting rent. With Clear Now, you can automate that process by enrolling your tenants so the money just shows up in your investment business bank account on the same day every month.

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6. Deal Machine

For those real estate investors who incorporate “Driving for Dollars” into their lead generation efforts, this software allows you to build a database of off-market deals, find the property owner and almost immediately send out direct mail to the owner to contact them about doing a deal. The investor or bird dog inputs the property address and the software does all the rest automatically. And you can easily manage all these leads and your team in one place.

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7. Rehab Valuator

This free real estate investor software is designed for wholesalers, rehabbers, and builders to help you analyze different types of deals, calculate your offer prices and manage your project budget and costs.

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Tim Randle
Tim Randle bought his first investment property in 1994 and he still invests today. He is also the founder of www.REIClub.com, an online resource for creative real estate investors.

Tim's informative articles on real estate investing have been published in Creative Real Estate Magazine as well as the Mr. Landlord Newsletter and his counsel is frequently sought by investors around the country.

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