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9 Tips for Staying Focused & Getting the "Right" Things Done
by Josh Schoenly

Self Improvement Tips For Real Estate Investors

#1 - Focus On One Thing At A Time.

The idea of “multitasking” is a complete myth. Even computers, which appear to be multitasking, are in reality, completing single tasks in quick succession. By attempting to multitask, we only fracture our attention and we end up actually taking longer to do both things.

For more information on the myth of multitasking and how to better focus on one thing at a time, I highly recommend picking up the book “The One Thing.” It’s a short, easy read, you could probably finish it in one sitting, and it will really help reinforce these ideas for you.

#2 - Block Out The Hours Of Your Day

Time Management Tips For Real Estate Investors

This (1) tip alone will help you to stay focused and balanced so that you don’t sacrifice what is MOST valuable to you! In order to stay on task I will literally block out my entire day. For example, you could start with 7:00-9:00, which for me is my family time, our morning routine together.

From there you can go in one or two hour chunks, 9:00-11:00 may be time for writing a follow-up e-mail, crafting a post or message on Facebook, reviewing new listings or price reduced listings, etc.

11:00-1:00 could be a time set aside for working in marketing funnels or lead generation. 01:00-03:00 might be for checking in on existing transactions and pushing those forward.

These are just some examples of how you could do this, the point being that the more you block out your time and stay as religious as possible to that schedule, the more you’ll get done and possibly even double your productivity.

#3 - Have One Major Focus For The Day

My third point is that you should have one major focus for the day. This really speaks to the heart of the original question, which was about staying committed to the program. For example, each day you could focus on one of the tutorials in a module and then implement it.

This could apply to anything in your life: your business, your family, your marriage, or something else you want to improve upon. The point is that if you take consistent, imperfect action you’ll create results.

#4 - Block Out The Same Time Each Day To Implement What You’re Learning

Whatever it is that you’re focusing on, whatever part of your real estate investing or agent development program you’ve decided to complete that day, make sure it’s the same time every day. Look at your schedule and figure out which time of the day is most likely to be without interruptions, then protect that time proactively instead of reactively.

It could be from 9:00-10:00 or any time of the day you’ll have the best chance to focus and build
momentum. Block out that time and do the action. Do the work!

#5 - Make Progress Every Day

However little it may be! Just make some kind of progress, keep that momentum, and keep pushing forward and create that habit. One thing every day. Make sure that your head doesn’t hit the pillow until you’ve made progress.

#6 - Find An Accountability Partner

Self Improvement Tips For Real Estate Investors
An Accountability partner will light the FIRE up your…canon?

Having an accountability partner adds that extra level of motivation you may need to focus on your goals. When you have an accountability partner, you’re not only accountable to yourself, you’re also accountable to another person.

It’s a type of positive peer pressure that can keep you going and it’s mutually beneficial to both people.

#7 - Forgive Yourself When Life Goes Off The Rails

Life happens, and when it does you’ll need to forgive yourself for getting off track. Show yourself some grace, dust yourself off, and get back on schedule the next day or even later that same day.

The important thing is to recognize it and move forward. Get back on schedule as soon as you can. If you can manage to do it that same day, do it!

#8 - Focus on the lowest hanging fruit

The intention behind many of our training programs, for example, is just that: to focus on the lowest hanging fruit. That’s how you create momentum, by having a series of small wins that can lead to big successes.

There’s a man that I admire by the name of Garett J. White (you can look him up if you’re interested), and he has a saying he teaches his students: "Simple Success Swinging Singles."

It’s a baseball metaphor and it means that if you concentrate on hitting singles instead of home runs, you’ll have more success. Once again, a series of small wins leading to big wins. By doing this, when you finally hit that home run, it won’t just be a home run, it will be a grand slam!

Through doing this you greatly increase your success over time. Less swing and miss, less strikeouts, and more success over the long haul.

#9 -Use a Website Or App To Help You Reach Your Goals 

Two great websites/app examples that are free to low cost that are great for real estate agents and investor to start with are:


You can use programs like these either on your computer or phone to help keep you accountable and make progress every day.

You can use these for any type of habit you want to implement and track, including dedicating yourself to a training or coaching program. You could use one of these programs in lieu of an accountability partner, or even use both.

Have the app remind you of the time of day you set apart for the program, let’s say from 9:00 to 10:00 in the morning, and it will send you a notification which will remind you to complete that task.

It can be a useful tool for creating the habits and the momentum you need to achieve success.

9 Tips for Staying Focused & Getting the “Right” Things Done CONSISTENTLY

What prompted this training article was that I was recently asked a question, by a coaching student. Her name is Tina and this was her question:

"Okay, this may sound silly, but I’m wondering if I’m the only one that struggles with time and seeing through the program… do you have any tips or tricks, tried and true methods for a schedule that helps keep consistency? I feel like when real life, family, appointments and current transactions get in the way, I’m playing catch-up all the time. I really am committed to this."

The question really resonated with me because I know for a fact that it’s something the whole team at Client Alchemist struggles with, and it’s definitely something that I struggle with personally.

So obviously Tina is not the only one who finds it difficult to stay focused and maintain consistency.

In fact, I think it’s something that every business-owner, entrepreneur and parent struggles with each and every day.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any kind of magic answer to this problem, but I did respond to Tina with these 9 tips that I thought could help you out as well with getting your real estate investor or real estate agent career on the right track.

Josh Schoenly
Josh Schoenly is a licensed real estate agent, coach & mentor to real estate professionals. He is a proclaimed real estate lead generation junkee. He is a managing partner at the ReTechulous Real Estate Lead Generation League.

Josh got his start in the real estate profession as a real estate investor and has been involved in buy and hold rentals, wholesaling, fix and flips and a whole lot more. He's been a licensed real estate agent for the past 3 years and has been "top seller" in sales for his company each year.

Josh Schoenly is a master of online lead generation for real estate specifically using Craigslist, Video & SEO to generate massive amounts of leads. In fact in just the last 2 years, Josh has generated over 10,000 leads (both buyers & sellers) for his real estate businesses online. Josh Schoenly also likes to shares ideas and video tips daily on his blog.

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