Chris Goff

Buying Real Estate Programs
by Chris Goff

There are countless Real Estate Programs that claim to teach you how to flip properties with little to no money and no credit. They advertise that you don't need any money in the transactions and that you need no prior experience or education. To make matters worse, the market is flooded with hundreds of 'wanna-be real estate mentors', so-called real estate coaches and 'house flipping gurus' popping up everywhere. Are all these so called experts right or are they just trying to sell you something?

Well, I didn't start this business with putting down large down payments. I had great credit but because I wasn't begging the banks for loans, I didn't need credit. I started this business learning how to control property instead of buying property. So nobody can tell me that you can't get started without money, credit, or experience.

There are numerous ways to build wealth in real estate and the market is flooded with various strategies, techniques and systems. People tend to get so overwhelmed with this that they become completely confused with what to do and where to start. You end up buying the next big real estate program, attend free webinars, join real estate clubs and visit free 90 minute seminars. You eventually either become believing that the experts real estate program will fix all of your problems or you become skeptical that it could work for you. You become so immersed with so much information that you become very confused. What's the solution?

I have one simple answer:

You must learn the 5 fundamental real estate strategies of wholesaling, retailing, lease-options, straight options and seller financing before you can build any wealth in real estate. But I never have a student try to become an expert at all 5 real estate methods starting off. I recommend that you focus on one or two strategies and become really good at that.

So before you invest into a real estate program, make sure that you start off with one of the 5 real estate methods mentioned above. As you build more experience by closing deals, start learning another strategy, ultimately learning all 5 real estate methods that will ensure a long term career.

Chris Goff
During Chris Goff's time with the Trump Organization, he mentored and trained hundreds of budding Real Estate Investors in his unique teaching style. Chris Goff also helped develop over 70 Real Estate Investment companies. Chris Goff is constantly searching for ways to improve his real estate investing approach as well as his teaching technique, doing what so many people fail to achieve - keeping on top of a constantly fluctuating market.

Chris Goff's passion for real estate investing, combined with his natural ability to lead and teach, has led him through the natural progression of working and writing for someone else, to finally developing and writing his own material.

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