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Craigslist Marketing Secret Formula for Real Estate
by Josh Schoenly

Secret Lead Generating Formula = 987 unique visitors, 40 leads & 5 appointments in 1 wk - this is for real!

I was talking with a buddy of mine and fellow real estate professional on Monday and he laid some heavy stuff on me. He gave me the exact formula he had used to generate 987 unique visitors to his website generating 40 leads and 5 appointments. All in the past 7 days! So I wanted to share this with you ASAP.

The source of all the traffic was Craigslist and he used the principles I outline in my one of my marketing programs. However he used a different formula for his ads and lead conversion than I have been teaching. Now I know that there is "more than one way to skin a cat" and so I think you'll find this formula to be helpful and hope that you choose to use it:

Secret Real Estate Marketing Formula

For the 7 days he posted a total of 30 Craigslist ads. His ads were for specific listings/deals but used curiosity driven copywriting and also included a call to action as we prescribe. The 30 ads were 5 different listings he posted 6 different times during the week.

Here is the basic structure that he uses: (per the Craigslist fields which need to be filled in)
  1. Price: Left Blank (creates more curiosity)
  2. BR: Included
  3. Headline: Curiosity driven, ex: Country Living at it's Best (Motivated Seller) or Below Market Rancher (Virtual Tour)
  4. Body: Offer with Call To Action(CTA). Examples given...

    Example #1
    Want to Search the local MLS online? Save time and access to up-to-the-minute information
    Go To (link on your website that offers free IDX search)
    Info on property referenced in headline

    Example #2
    Take advantage of the TAX CREDIT and possible SELLER HELP to make it happen for you! Enjoy the country! Right next to State Game Lands. Enough parking for all your toys. Convenient route to Rt. 66 & to all areas. Furnace, septic, and well pump serviced, nice glass top stove, wood fireplace, washer and dryer all included so you can move right in.

  5. Picture of listing
  6. For More Photos and Virtual Tour Visit (link on your website to specific listing)
Now I am sure that some of you are thinking, this differs from what you have seen me recommend in the past which is send all traffic to unbranded lead capture pages. But again I am wise enough to realize that there is more than one way to convert leads and this is clearly working for my buddy and I plan to test it in my business as well.

Let me again summarize his results using this formula for just one week:

  • 987 unique visitors to his site
  • 40 leads people - who filled out something on the site providing their information
  • 5 appointments - this number will go up as these are all leads that came in over last 7 days, 2 are already signed to buyer agency and another one will be 2 transactions as they need to sell their existing home.

    Pretty powerful stuff!

  • Josh Schoenly
    Josh Schoenly is a licensed real estate agent, coach & mentor to real estate professionals. He is a proclaimed real estate lead generation junkee. He is a managing partner at the ReTechulous Real Estate Lead Generation League.

    Josh got his start in the real estate profession as a real estate investor and has been involved in buy and hold rentals, wholesaling, fix and flips and a whole lot more. He's been a licensed real estate agent for the past 3 years and has been "top seller" in sales for his company each year.

    Josh Schoenly is a master of online lead generation for real estate specifically using Craigslist, Video & SEO to generate massive amounts of leads. In fact in just the last 2 years, Josh has generated over 10,000 leads (both buyers & sellers) for his real estate businesses online. Josh Schoenly also likes to shares ideas and video tips daily on his blog.

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