eSignatures for Real Estate Explained

Things are going digital at a fast pace, and eSignatures in real estate are proof of that. Depending on your agent, she or he may have you sign some of your contracts and disclosures through a secure webpage online. If you’ve ever signed on a pad for a card purchase at a retail store or supermarket, you’ve applied an eSignature.

eSignatures are a digital take on traditional pen-and-ink signatures. When you sign something digitally, it usually involves you typing your name and/or the last four digits of your Social Security Number from your computer (or, on a tablet like an iPad) into a signature field.

When your agent sends over a document, you’ll get a link in your e-mail that sends you to a secure webpage. You’ll log in, review the contract, and then apply your signature. It’s a pretty simple process.

In every state, eSignatures are legally binding in the same ways as a traditional signing. Just like ‘regular’ signatures, eSignatures whether typed or “written” on an iPad (or even at the supermarket) protect both parties involved with the transaction or agreement.

Now that you know a little bit more about eSignatures, you’ll know what to expect if your real estate agent or REALTOR sends one to you.

In this market speed, ease and access to information is critical to deals from start to finish.

My firms promise is to consistently bring the most cutting edge technologies like text-message marketing, video tours, online transaction management platforms (RELAY), dedicated websites to highlight each listing, internet exposure via 50+ websites, and automated feedback as part of our “standard” where others only include those features in their “platinum” marketing strategy.

Austin Domain Properties continues to thrive and still specializes in short sales with 700+ successfully closed and negotiated since 2006.  If you know anyone who is in a situation where impending foreclosure is present, please give them my contact info. I’m happy to speak with them with no obligation on their part and will help educate them on all of their options.

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