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Get More Clicks On Your Online Real Estate Ads
by Josh Schoenly

An extremely important thing to keep in mind when you're putting together the ads for your online campaign is that, first and foremost, you want visitors to the site to click on your ad. It doesn't matter how effective the body is if everybody just skips clicking on the ad.

The first key here, of course, is the headline. You must have a headline that compels a reader to click on your ad. Otherwise, your great message never gets delivered. With my system, there is a simple way to help your results in that regard. Call it "Sneaky Little Secret No. 2."

You want to make sure that your headlines or subject lines of your ad are loaded with keywords that are relevant to the kind of leads you're trying to attract.

The little trick that I use to accomplish this is Google's free keyword tool. If you go into Google (, and you search for "Google Keyword Tool," the first result will be this little tool. What you can do is type in a phrase, and it'll show you how much traffic variations of that phrase gets. What you'll find is that a slight difference in a phrase gets extraordinarily more traffic than a slightly different variation of it.

Here's How That's Powerful, In Two Reasons:

#1). If that particular phrase is very common, and people are typing it into Google - searching, for example, "free foreclosure listings" - and that phrase gets lots of traffic on Google, it stands to reason that if you put that in your CraigsList ad, it's going to also draw attention for the same reason.

#2). The other big thing is, because CraigsList gets so much traffic, CraigsList ranks very highly in the organic results of Google. So let's say somebody isn't searching directly on CraigsList, but they go to Google and put in "free foreclosure listings Harrisburg, PA." If your ad has that general content or those keywords in it, you are very likely to show up very highly in the organic results because CraigsList ranks very highly. So you get additional traffic that you wouldn't have gotten because the people didn't start on CraigsList, but the result came up and they ended up clicking through.

I am not a computer expert, so I don't fully understand all the ins and outs of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but I know enough about it to understand it helps get clicks to your ads! Even though "Foreclosed Homes" and "Foreclosures" might seem really similar, about 43 million more people typed in the latter. That's a big difference and one that should be paid attention to when posting your ads.

Google Keyword Tool is really simple to use and, it's very important to start implementing that with your lead-generation ads. I found that a huge difference for me is loading up with keywords. Another good way to get your ad clicked more often is to use pictures. Whether it's an image post, like I described earlier, or just a picture inside the ad, ads with pictures get more response.

Josh Schoenly
Josh Schoenly is a licensed real estate agent, coach & mentor to real estate professionals. He is a proclaimed real estate lead generation junkee. He is a managing partner at the ReTechulous Real Estate Lead Generation League.

Josh got his start in the real estate profession as a real estate investor and has been involved in buy and hold rentals, wholesaling, fix and flips and a whole lot more. He's been a licensed real estate agent for the past 3 years and has been "top seller" in sales for his company each year.

Josh Schoenly is a master of online lead generation for real estate specifically using Craigslist, Video & SEO to generate massive amounts of leads. In fact in just the last 2 years, Josh has generated over 10,000 leads (both buyers & sellers) for his real estate businesses online. Josh Schoenly also likes to shares ideas and video tips daily on his blog.

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