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Real Estate Investors Can Strike Gold on Your Utility Provider’s Website
by Chris Johnson

No matter what kind of properties you have in your portfolio, or if you want to fix up your own home, I have a valuable tip for you (or your tenants) to stay comfortable and save money, and it’s specific to where you live. It’s the website of your utility provider, which is the company that provides gas or electricity to your properties. First, I’ll tell you where to find it, then we’ll see all the benefits you can enjoy from exploring what’s offered.

You should be able to find your utility provider’s website either from your monthly bill or by doing a quick online search. If you can’t remember its name, then you can look on your city’s website, and it typically will have a list of the gas and electric companies that serve the city.

Now that you have located the website, here are the resources and information that will help you. Of course, each provider’s website is a little different, but most will have these features. First is a listing of rebates and incentives that are currently available. You can potentially get money back for upgrades to your home’s energy efficiency, for energy audits, appliances, heaters, air conditioners, insulation, lighting, and more.

Here are two important things to keep in mind about these. First, some of the promotions, especially energy audits, often require that you register first before you do any work or make any purchases. If you don’t, you will likely be disqualified.

That happened to one of my students. Before he purchased my course, he had energy upgrade work done to his home, including a new furnace, insulation, and windows. He found out that he could have received substantial rebates by applying beforehand, but it was too late once the work was completed. The upside is that, going forward, he’ll know how to take advantage of available grants and rebates.

The second point to make is that utility companies usually have different promotions at different times of the year, so if you’re thinking about upgrades, but they’re not urgent, then sometimes waiting a bit can pay off. You might also try contacting your utility provider and asking someone what’s coming up in the future. They may or may not tell you, but it can’t hurt to ask.

Aside from rebates and promotions, you can also find helpful tips on saving energy in your home and rental properties. Some utility companies will even help you save by offering free or low-cost energy-saving lightbulbs or low-flow showerheads, which reduce water heating costs. So if you’re a landlord, you can put money-saving upgrades into your properties and also educate your tenants on what they can do to help keep costs down.

You can also find information on most utility companies’ websites about solar energy for your home, and information on whether you can participate in what’s called net metering, which is selling your excess solar-produced energy back to the electric company. It could potentially be another revenue stream for you, to help your overall profitability.  

The next thing to mention that you can find on your utility provider’s website is information on financing for high-cost equipment, such as heat pumps, central air conditioning, solar power equipment, and more. You can often get zero-interest or low-interest loans for this, and have your payments rolled in to your monthly gas or electric bill. If you’re replacing worn-out, inefficient equipment, your loan payments may even be less than what you were previously spending for wasted energy. The value and comfort of the home will increase. You may also structure it so that it’s most advantageous for your yearly tax deductions.

The last thing I want to mention applies to both your tenants and for homeowners. If your income qualifies, you may be able to get help paying your energy bill. You’ll find all the details on your utility provider’s website, including income thresholds for your area and how much funding you could potentially receive.

So you can see that a few minutes spent exploring your gas or electric company’s website can help you discover many ways to get funding and save money. Take a look, and just might strike gold!

Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson is known as one of America's Top Educators teaching people how to find and obtain the Grant Funding they need to buy & fix up Real Estate, start or expand a Business or get a college or university Education! His knowledge and expertise regularly has him sharing the stage with well known financial and investment experts such as Sir Richard Branson, Donald Trump, Suze Orman, Tony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki with thousands of people in attendance.

Chris teaches everyday Americans the key to unlock this money vault so people can receive the Grant funding they need to finance Real Estate deals, start or improve a Business or send their kids to the top colleges and universities around the country all paid for by the Government.

When Chris Johnson speaks to sellout audiences all across the county, people often ask him, Chris, if there is so much money available, why don't I know about it, or how do I get it? These are excellent questions, and the answer is simply that the government really does not advertise these programs, and since there several thousand of them out there, a person needs to research the specific one they want, and find out from them how to apply. Chris' knowledge in this area has him constantly invited to speak to groups all around the country to teach people how to access these funding programs, from how to find the right program for them, and successfully apply for this money.

With millions of people getting money to start a Business, invest in Real Estate and receive funding for their Education, it's about time you looked into unlocking this gigantic Money Vault for yourself.

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