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Real Estate Mentoring
by Chris Goff

There's no secret that real estate mentoring will help educate, motivate, walk you through a proven system, and guide you in the right direction as you start your new journey for building wealth in real estate. It's obvious that every successful person has a mentor that helps them grow their business. You rarely ever hear about these people but they are there working hard to help someone get better.

Here Are Some Tips When Finding A Mentor For You And Your Business:

  • A mentor that has had proven success.

  • A mentor that is compatible with you.

  • A mentor that is driven to help you; not use you.

  • A mentor that can teach you what they know in a way that you understand it.

  • A mentor that assists you through all faucets of the business.

  • A mentor that doesn't give up.

    Real Estate mentoring is a challenging job because each student comes from all walks of life, different goals, different levels of education and experience. But they all have one thing in common, they want to make money!

    My mentor taught me how to look at life differently. He said, Chris, stop worrying about the ending result, which was the money part. He said that I should focus on the task at hand and give 100% effort to do it right. Eventually conquering the mystery of real estate investing. I was taught that you must follow certain steps and execute them in a specific order if I wanted to make money in real estate. Then go out there and start studying people that understand how to market your business.

    Once I did this, my business completely turned around! I let go of the thought of making money and focused my time on helping people that were in a bad situation. I soon realized that real estate mentoring was the turning point for me.

  • Chris Goff
    During Chris Goff's time with the Trump Organization, he mentored and trained hundreds of budding Real Estate Investors in his unique teaching style. Chris Goff also helped develop over 70 Real Estate Investment companies. Chris Goff is constantly searching for ways to improve his real estate investing approach as well as his teaching technique, doing what so many people fail to achieve - keeping on top of a constantly fluctuating market.

    Chris Goff's passion for real estate investing, combined with his natural ability to lead and teach, has led him through the natural progression of working and writing for someone else, to finally developing and writing his own material.

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