The Best Tech for Airbnb & VRBO Hosts in 2023

Managing short-term rentals can become a chore with all of the check-ins and check-outs, but the technology available to us these days makes it 100x easier than it used to be! You can also get a lot of peace of mind when it comes to monitoring for fires, floods and parties in your vacation rental.

The days of hiding keys under rocks are long gone with these amazing gadgets!

Locks & Door Bells

eufy R10 Retrofit Smart Lock

Why we love it: Easy to retrofit to an existing door and adds the crucial smartphone unlock feature and video intercom. For remote Airbnb™ owners these will save so many headaches and can provide evidence if a guest complains or breaks rules at your rental.

eufy S230 Smart Lock

Why we love it: Good looking and reliable lock with so many ways to lock & unlock. Keypad, fingerprint (for your staff), mobile app, Alexa/Google/Smart Assistant, with a physical key as a backup. Also available in multiple finishes and latch or deadbolt configurations.

eufy S330 Video Smart Lock

Why we love it: Everything we love about the Locky Smart Lock above, PLUS it has a doorbell camera with intercom capabilities. This allows you to verify vendors before you give out your code and help guests if they need it.


Ring Floodlight Security Camera (Hard wired)

Why we love it: Replacing a regular motion light with a combination unit makes monitoring your property a breeze!

Blink Floodlight & Security Camera (Battery)

Why we love it: This battery powered unit can be mounted almost anywhere you can imagine!


X-Sense Wireless Connected Smoke Detectors

Why we love it: 

Minut Noise Sensor

Why we love it: The Minut sensor can 


Why we love it: The PartySquasher watches for WiFi devices not noise levels, so it's great at detecting if an extra 10+ people are in your unit. But isn't as great if only 4 people are playing music at a ridiculous volume.

Ring Smart Flood Sensor

Why we love it: Reliable Ring integrated flood sensor that makes it simple to monitor an area for water damage before it becomes catastrophic.

Orbit Flood Sensor 3 Pack

Why we love it: Remote monitoring for potential water damage can save you tens of thousands in repairs and lost revenue. Multiple sensors gives you peace of mind by monitoring more areas for water leaks.

Security Systems

Cove 12 Piece Security System

Why we love it: NO CONTRACT! Super simple to setup and easy for guests to use. Mobile app & smart assistant capability gives you remote access to activate or deactivate the system for guests.

Simpli Safe 12 Piece Secuirty System

Why we love it: Simple setup and available 24/7 professional monitoring for a small subscription fee. Mobile app and smart assistant compatible.


Right Angle Wall Plug Adapter

Why we love it: Reduce fire hazards from cords plugged in behind dressers or other furniture. No more strained cords that could burn down your beautiful property!

Wallplate Night Light

Why we love it: A must-have at the top and bottom of stairs, increases guest safety and protects you from liability issues!

Power Tower w/ USB

Why we love it: Plenty of outlets and USB ports for charging devices, plus a right-angled plug for fire prevention because you know we're a little paranoid when it comes to safety!

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