Sal Vannutini

10 Tips for Adding Curb Appeal
by Sal Vannutini

First impressions are just as important in real estate as anything other aspect of life; if not more important. Many prospective homebuyers will size up a property within just a few seconds of viewing it! That doesn't even get them in the door.

What this means to real estate investors is the importance of adding curb appeal. Sprucing up the exterior of the property to give it that much desired special touch doesn't have to be expensive or a lot of hard work-it does mean that you need to know what buyers are looking for when they first see a property. Take a look below at a few of the simple and inexpensive ways you can easily add curb appeal to any property.

1. Make sure the windows and gutters are clean out. Overflowing gutters and grimy windows really detract from the appeal of any property.

2. If the home has vinyl siding; consider pressure washing it. A pressure washer can be rented fairly inexpensively at a number of home improvement stores and equipment rental shops. The small cost can make a significant difference in the overall appearance of the property.

3. Pay attention to the landscaping. This can be oneof the most important aspects of adding curb appeal to your property. If the lawn isn't attractive, or looks like it would require too much work to get it into shape, many buyers will keep on driving.

  • To create a great looking lawn, water it regularly and keep weeds down with a spray.

  • Pay close attention to the walkway and sidewalk, where weeds tend to creep before you realize it
  • .

  • If the lawn has patchy areas, seriously consider laying down some sod. While this can be a bit on the expensive side, it will definitely increase your profit margin when it comes time to sell.
4. Flowers can really add maximum curb appeal and theyare extremely easy and cheap and can cinch a sell. Consider placing an attractive earthenware container of yellow flowers next to the steps leading up to the house or the front door.

This lends a welcoming appearance to the home. A few flower beds placed in front of the house, set with mixed flowers in brightshades and trimmed with an attractive edging also doeswonders to spruce up a property.

5. Some of the most important aspects of adding curb appeal are incredibly inexpensive.
  • Paint or replace the mailbox, if necessary.

  • Add a brass door knocker or attractive wreath to the front door.

  • If there are not exterior lighting fixtures, install some to give the home the look of a safe harbor.
Finally, take the time to stand back from the property and view it objectively. Think about how a prospective buyer would see the property. Does the home look welcoming, pleasant and charming or does it make you want to run in the other direction? Make notes of what you see and get to work!

Sal Vannutini
Sal has successfully renovated real estate for both personal and investment purposes for over 10 years where he has bought, renovated and sold over 40 properties and build up a substantial portfolio.

His knowledge and expertise in renovating is based on the many lessons learned from his hands-on experiences; as well as his many years in the real estate industry where he has helped clients to do the same with his private workshops and mentoring.

His application of the "buy and renovate" strategy gave him the option to stop working full-time at the age of 35. At the time of writing Sal has just turned 40 and had retired from full-time employment. He now lives his "perfect" life and divides his time between his renovation projects, as a private mentor to his clients, as a public speaker, traveling the world and "hanging out" with his wife and children.

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