Craig Haskell

Tracking Commercial Real Estate Fundamentals
by Craig Haskell

Are you tracking commercial real estate fundamentals? As real estate professionals, we need to constantly stay current on where the market is today and where it's going tomorrow so that we can represent the best interest of our clients and investors.

As Wayne Gretzky was famously quoted as saying, "A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be." I love that quote because great commercial real estate professionals always seem to be one step ahead of the pack, making more money than others because they are playing where the puck is going to be.

One of the questions I like asking when interviewing top real estate value investors is, "Where do you see tomorrow's opportunities for value investors?"

Stop for a second and think about that question. Where do you see tomorrow's opportunities for value investors?

If I asked YOU that question, what would your answer be? It's a tough question IF you can't see where the puck is going to be 9, 12, or 24 months down the road. The top real estate pro's are making plans today on how they're going to be successful in 2013.

The secret to learning where the puck is going to be tomorrow is tracking commercial real estate fundamentals. Start getting more active learning what's going on.

Commercial Market Fundamentals

Here are a few things you should be tracking:
  • Real estate industry
  • Supply and demand through construction and absorption
  • The Players
  • Debt and equity capital markets
  • Economy both local and national
  • Governmental legislation
  • World economic impact
  • Investment opportunities
  • Commercial Market Websites

    Here are a few websites to track the commercial real estate market and economy:
  • Globest ---->
  • Costar ----->
  • Multi-Housing News ----->
  • CP Executive ----->
  • Multi Family Executive ----->
  • NREI Online ----->
  • REIS Reports ----->
  • Realty Rates ----->
  • Bloomberg ----->
  • The first thing every morning during the week, I spend 1 to 2 hours researching and tracking the real estate market and economy by visiting these and other websites. Heck, there's tons of free information so why not consume as much as you can.

    By constantly tracking the commercial real estate market you will become a more valuable asset to your clients and investors because you'll be able to better forecast and predict where the puck will be tomorrow.

    I hope this tip serves you. I look forward to helping you reach for the stars!

    Craig Haskell
    Craig Haskell is author of, The Inside Game to Real Estate Value Investing, and founder of an investing site, ValueHound, that brings together a community of opportunistic and value minded real estate investors who are serious about learning new approaches to capitalizing on today's "Once in a lifetime" buying opportunity.

    Craig, one of the nation's leading expert on the subject of real estate value investing, has helped hundreds of investors and organizations around the world to become more successful value real estate investors with his unique training and coaching programs that focus on making money capitalizing on today's undervalued real estate market.

    Craig Haskell has devoted over 25 years to value real estate investing, and has owned and managed 7,200 units and 2.8 million square feet of commercial space and provided advisory services on over $2 billion in value. Craig's extensive personal real estate investing experience was the basis for the Value Hound Blueprint, a value investing system for real estate investors. Craig Haskell is also author of How to Take an Apartment Building from Money Pit to Money Maker, Secrets of Successful Apartment Buildings and A Guide to Creating Successful Apartment Advertisements.

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