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    • Things Investor Buyers Should Consider When Pursuing FSBO Investments

      If you have been searching to buy a new real estate investment home, you may have noticed that some properties are classified as For Sale By Owner or FSBO. Although many of them definitely appeal to potential buyers, there are certain caveats that you should be aware of as well.  There are 6 important things that investors should be mindful of when dealing with FSBO investment properties and owners.6 Important Investing Tips For FSBO DealsWhat you should know about FSBO PropertiesSince the housing market is still rather weak, sellers are trying to make what they can, and not having to…

    • Real Estate Investing Marketing

      How To Finance A Foreclosure Property?

      The opportunities to find a home or real estate investment property are outstanding due to the many foreclosure properties in the realty market. The single question standing in the way of buying one of these properties is this: Where can you find the money to arrange the financing?Many consider that the first option is to finance the buy with a conventional mortgage. That strategy, though, doesn’t cover cases where the best deals go to buyers with cash. For that reason, it’s good to know about special deals that are available for buyers and real estate investors.Recent data from the National…

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