Dr. David Phelps

Dr. David Phelps

Dr. David Phelps created Freedom Founders to help its members achieve the freedom they wanted in their lives by building the necessary financial foundation. While he was entrepreneurial as a kid, he still followed his father’s path into the dental field, as many young people do. But when his daughter developed serious health issues, it made him realize he wanted more time to spend with her than his dental practice would allow. So he evaluated the revenue produced by his practice and by his real estate investments and realized that could sell the practice and live off of his real estate—allowing him to spend more time with his daughter. Once he did that, other dentists started asking him what he was doing and how he was supporting himself after selling his practice, which led to many of them co-investing with him on new deals. This was the inception of Freedom Founders, and it’s been helping other people achieve the freedom they wanted ever since.

    Dr. David Phelps's Articles

    • Why financial literacy education is the key to generational wealth by Dr. David Phelps

      Why financial literacy education is the key to generational wealth

      A shocking 43 percent of Americans are not financially literate but think they are, according to research by the Milken Institute. Although this may seem to be an individual problem, the truth is that it actually causes significant problems all the way up to the national level. Think about it like this — let’s say someone was never taught about things like loan agreements, compounding interests or return on investment. Without that knowledge, they might, hypothetically, sign for a loan they don’t understand and can’t afford, to buy something that may not have any objective financial value. This is purely a hypothetical situation that could…

    • 4 Types of Real Estate Investors and How to Work Best with Them

      Realtors: 4 Types of Real Estate Investors and How to Work Best with Them

      You likely already know that generating consistent business is extremely challenging. It can take months of prospecting to find clients. It takes even longer to build the kind of reputation that encourages clients to sign on with you. And when you’re juggling prospecting, keeping that pipeline full and building a buzz-worthy reputation, if any ball drops, it can kill the whole act.  That’s why the top producers typically maintain their position — they’ve already done the legwork and put in the hours it takes to be on top. It’s also why so many newer agents struggle to get traction. Unfortunately, no secret gives you a shortcut to…

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