Ed Robinson

Dr. Ed Robinson is former Clinical Psychologist, who began his professional career in South Dakota. Dr. Robinson practiced for 23 years providing counseling, Hospice care and Human Resource Consulting. Upon retirement form his practice, Ed assumed the role of Executive Director of a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization. Growing from a 135 home Land Trust to the largest provider of Affordable Homeownership in Arizona and Nevada, SALT became the dominant real estate entity for development in Arizona building, buying, renovating and selling of 450 homes between 2000 and 2012. Ed chose to take the model to Florida in 2013, establishing SALT in Ruskin, FL just outside of Tampa. Ed continues to provide Affordable Homeownership in Florida and North Carolina.

    Ed Robinson Articles

    • We’re Not Who We Thought We Were

      In this age of instant information and a disdain for delayed gratification, most people believe the Real Estate Investor makes rational decisions; but what if most of the decisions we make as Real Estate Entrepreneurs are influenced by behavioral history ingrained into our minds by past learning experiences? A new research paper called “Addressing built-in …

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    • Unreachable Dreams

      I saw a bank advertising their “Robo Investor Advisor” a few days ago. They advocate a no knowledge needed approach where you place your investment trust in their “intuitive system.” I have a contact marketing system that is intuitive; because it knows which email to send based on the status of the contact I am …

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    • There is No Real Business Opportunity Without Risk

      May, 1966, Inverness CC, Toledo Ohio, I stood on the first tee and knew I would have to play the round of my life. I was there to qualify for the US Open. I had one shot and was trying to decide whether to go for broke or play fairways and greens. That was my …

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    • Philanthropy Equals Profits

      Are you stymied by the dwindling inventory for investment properties? Does it feel like every property you look at is priced too high for you to make your margin? Are hard money and real estate investment lenders shying away from all but the most distressed listed properties? Real estate investors can develop the skills to …

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    • Faith-Based Development – Making a Difference

      A segment (niche) of the Affordable Housing Market, which has been rarely explored due to an ignorance of the laws regarding Church and State separation, received a breath of fresh air when in October of 2017 the Attorney General stated that “religious organizations are entitled to compete on equal footing for federal financial assistance used …

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