Jason Lucchesi

Jason Lucchesi

Jason Lucchesi is a real estate investor from the Indianapolis, IN area. Jason's been in the real estate and mortgage business since 2002. He got out of the J.O.B. world back in 2008 to pursue his dream of becoming a full time real estate investor. Since 2009 Jason's primary business was investing in short sale opportunities and has been involved in 151 closed short sales to where he either bought them or negotiated the short sales for other investors to where he gained a profit. Jason Lucchesi, as of recent, in late 2010 he began investing in distressed notes and over the course of 12 months he's closed a little over 60 note deals.

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    • Where Do You Find Earnest Money For Your Deals?

      The one thing I want to cover today is Earnest Money Deposits. I had an individual contact me about “Earnest Money Deposits”. The Investor asked me: “How do you get the funds for earnest money deposits if you don’t have those particular funds available to you right now or when you make an offer?”I’ve been in this situation before folks, and some of you really might be in this very same position right now like when I first started in 2008. I was living on unemployment checks, so having earnest money deposit funds to invest was very much not an…

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