John Behle

John D. Behle is one of the foremost educators and practitioners in the field of discounted paper investment. His innovative strategies and techniques have shaped the industry. With over two decades in the industry and an extensive background in real estate and finance, John adds a wealth of knowledge and experience to his creative money-making techniques.John holds a National Council of Exchangors "Gold Card" and an EMS designation. He is also listed in Who's Who In Creative Real Estate. John Behle is the author of several hundred articles published in national magazines and newsletters and of several ground-breaking real estate paper books.

    John Behle Articles

    • Using Paper as a Builder – 8 Powerful Tools

      Builders use paper in many ways. 1) Sell a Second Some builders make it easier to sell homes and open the market to lesser qualified buyers through taking back a second after a lower LTV first (with the knowledge and cooperation of the lender – not in “secret”). Depending on these notes and the LTV …

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    • Throw the Old Couple Out!

      A short while ago an investor (Jim) came to my seminar with a particularly interesting problem. He was facing foreclosure and eviction of an old couple. Their son had borrowed money from jim and used their property as collateral by creating a second trust deed. The son lost his job and couldn’t pay. Jim wasn’t …

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    • Three Steps To Wealth

      One of the tried and proven techniques of profiting through real estate investment is a well known three step process. The steps to this simple process are: STEP 1 – Buy a piece of real estate under the most favorable terms and conditions possible with as much leverage (OPM–other people’s money) as you can. STEP …

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    • Three Essential Ingredients

      Over my twenty-plus years of investing, teaching and writing in the field of real estate and discounted mortgage investment, I’ve come to some conclusions as to what is required for success. Countless times I have wondered why two seemingly capable individuals have totally different experiences. One is very successful and one is caught in the …

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    • The Ugly Duckling

      Ah, creative financing! Don’t we just love it! It has been a fantastic way to buy and sell properties in the last few years and it has created some great opportunities. Fantastic Opportunities What are these opportunities? How much profit is there to be made? How hard is it? Does it take a lot of …

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    • The Best Things in Life Are Free

      Special Note: The examples are a few years old when some of my investment yields were higher. The examples work the same way at lower yields, because the financing and cost of money are lower. I work on the spread between my cost of money with banks and investors and the yields I can purchase …

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    • Tall Tails

      At our educational seminars I’ve seen how excited people get when they see a concept often referred to as “Tails.” The name describes buying the “tail end” of a note. We’ve talked about buying partials and usually described the benefits of buying the first part of a note. There can be some great benefits in …

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    • Short Mortgages – Long Penalties

      Should you get a fifteen or a 30 year mortgage? What about a bi-weekly payment plan? Should I double up my payments or add extra principle payments? These are questions that millions ask and only a few have answers to – most of which are wrong. Sometimes the answers come from some staff reporter at …

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    • Seller Financing Do’s and Don’ts

      One of the most valuable tools an agent or broker can use is seller financing. You can either know about seller financing, do it right and close more deals or you can watch potential commissions go down the tubes. In most cases, agents participate in setting up seller financing without structuring things properly or protecting …

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    • Riches From Realtors

      After 21 years in the discounted mortgage business, I still find real estate agents to be the best source of paper available. Knowing how to deal with them and create long term. Profitable relationships is critical. One of the best ways to do this is through teaching them at their offices or in “Continuing Education” …

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