John Burley

"John R. Burley has achieved what most people would consider impossible. From a background of corporate sales and financial planning, John moved to the Phoenix, Arizona area to begin a new venture. Starting out with very little money, a workable plan of action and a lot of desire, John used cash flow principles to create wealth. John has completed over 1,000 real estate transactions. Today his Investment Portfolio includes well over 300 properties, stocks, businesses and more. Realizing at age 32, that he was in the position to retire, John wanted to share his knowledge with others. He began to create products and seminars describing what he had achieved and more importantly, how he did it. John has shared his information with millions of people throughout the world. He has spoken on real estate investing at the invitation of both Tony Robbins and Donald Trump at their financial success workshops. John has also been heralded by Robert Kyosaki in his book Rich Dad's Cashflow Quadrant as a savvy investor who not only has a grasp of solid financial principles but also a keen awareness of the psychology of investing. John will give you first hand knowledge in a straight forward, easy to follow step-by-step way that makes learning how to become rich fun and easy. An International Best Selling Author of two books, Money Secrets of the Rich and Powerful Changes John is referred to as ""One of the Premier Investors in America"". John also hosts what has become known as the ""Rolls Royce"" of Real Estate Investing trainings, The John Burley Level 5 Advanced Real Estate Investing Boot Camp. John believes everyone can achieve a rich, full life, filled with prosperity and abundance. John lives with his family in Phoenix, Arizona. John has earned the respect of the investment community because he is out in the ""Real World"" doing deals on a day to day basis. In other words, John R. Burley ""Walks His Talk""."