John Fedro

John Fedro is a Mobile Home real estate investor and Mobile Home Investing Strategy Coach. John began his investing career in Florida and recently migrated to Texas. Starting from empty pockets, John fell into this specialty by accident and hasn't looked back. John Fedro's real estate career started with an old Ron LeGrand real estate investing course while in college, ""How to Buy and Hold Real Estate"". It was his BIG life wake-up call. It inspired him to join a multitude of real estate invest clubs, read every course he could buy or borrow, and make over hundreds of offers on different homes. It wasn't until John met a seller, that was selling a manufactured home that he was able to purchase with equity and quickly turn for a $35,000 cash profit, that he knew mobile home investing was the best fit for his real estate career. For the past 10 years, John Fedro has made his full-time income from his passive cash-flow investments. In 2007 he began helping local investors invest in mobile homes and has proceeded to help hundreds of new and seasoned investors follow in his foot-steps with the help of his online teaching and free resources.

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