John Hyre

John Hyre

My name is John Hyre. I am a tax attorney, accountant and real estate investor. 95% of my clients are real estate investors. Prior to venturing out on my own, I worked for two of the Big Five accounting firms and for several Fortune 500 companies. I saved my clients millions of dollars in taxes annually. My firm provides tax services, including bookkeeping, return preparation, audit representation and planning advice to real estate investors in all 50 states.

    John Hyre's Articles

    • You Dealing?

      Why Is Being Classified As a Dealer Important?Congress is most discriminating. For example, if two investors each purchased adjacent and identical properties for exactly the same price, spent exactly the same on improving each property and sold the properties for the same price to the same buyer, one investor might pay double the taxes of the other… and the difference in taxes paid would be even larger when measured in terms of when paid. Specifically, a property acquired and later sold by an “Investor”:Generates depreciation deductions;Is taxed at favorable capital gains rates when sold;May qualify for deferral of gains under…

    • Federal Income Tax 101

      This is just the basics. I don’t want to write a summary of 500,000 pages of federal income tax law, and you certainly don’t want to read it. The idea here is to give you an idea of how the system operates. Armed with a basic understanding of the law, tax planning ideas make more sense. Information that makes sense is more likely to be used in real life.So, to begin: the purported purpose of the federal income tax law is to tax NET INCOME.What’s net income?Net income is “what you make” minus “what you spend making what you make”.…

    • Daddy’s Little Tax Deduction

      Keeping your tax bill low is a war of details. There is no magical silver bullet that holds the IRS at bay. Rather, the tax code lets us cut a little here and a little there. It’s all in the details. Such “details” include your children. There are lots of ways to use the little darlings (I use the term loosely and obviously am not referring to teenagers!) to cut your tax bill. This article will focus on how to hire minor children in your business.Specifically: If you have children between the ages of 7 and 17 and have not…

    • Choice of Entity 101

      One of the most common questions that real estate investors ask is: Which entity should I use? The correct answer usually depends on a large number of details the exact nature and size of the business, the investor’s source and type of income, the number of family members, etc. This article will set out some general rules for picking a structure. Your mileage may vary based on your own personal facts and circumstances.Rule One: Limited Liability Company’s (a.k.a. – LLC’s) are generally the way to hold rentals and most lease-optioned properties.The asset protection aspect of entities usually matters little when…

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